What Happened When I Didn’t Meditate

What Happened When I Didn't Meditate

Tuesday was a rough day and looking back now, I helped myself start it off that way by not making enough time to meditate for 10 minutes. I was in the middle of my 3 Day Refresh (results and thoughts coming soon!) so I was experiencing withdrawal from sugar and therefore had a bad headache starting Monday night and into Tuesday all day long. One of those where you really just want to lie in a dark room with no noise and shut out the world.

I found myself irritated very easily and not very social at work, prompting my friends to ask what was wrong. At the time, I just didn’t feel like being social; we are allowed to be in our own heads sometimes! But honestly, I was annoyed with conversations around me, my work and how I was feeling in general.

As the day came to an end, I thought back through the past 2 weeks and realized the mornings where I started off with meditation, I truly did have a better day. I set my intentions for the day through meditation and it allowed me to not succumb so much to irritating things. I’m looking at meditation as my Gore-Tex if you will, a coating of repellent that allows words, thoughts, actions, etc. to slide right off.

Yesterday morning, I meditated and was in such a better place when I went to work. Even through a series of crazy work conversations that would have normally sent me reeling for the rest of the day due to the stupidity of some people, I had my moment and then moved on. Its crazy how you literally feel yourself lighten when you’re meditating but it actually happens.  This morning I woke up in a hesitant mood, one where I wasn’t sure how I was feeling or what I was thinking. I recognized this when the Headspace app teacher asked me to become aware of the feelings, not think about them per se, but just become aware of its existence.

By recognizing how you’re feeling, you’re able to figure out a way to make it better and move past that feeling. I’ve done the 10 free sessions with Headspace and have to buy their plan to continue. Its certainly not a cheap subscription but it does cost the same as one therapy session! I know I need to do it for my sanity as I’ve seen such positive results, I just feel like I’m shelling out money left and right currently.

Do you meditate daily? What tools do you use?



5 Reasons Why I Meditate Every Morning

And How You Can Learn to Meditate

I’ve been a fan of yoga for a couple of years but don’t practice consistently for a number of reasons:

  • Cost
  • Other fitness activities: CrossFit, running, etc.
  • Honestly, have made the time

What I love about yoga besides the physical movement allowing you to stretch sore muscles, relieve tension and build strength, I truly enjoy the mindset it gets you in on your mat. Meditation plays a large role in yoga and is incorporated into every session.

Every yoga session I did, my mind felt clearer and lighter than it did before practice. I’m an afternoon/evening exerciser predominantly so I would be meditating later in the day when all of the worries, frustrations, anxiety and everything else from the day would follow me to the mat.

Oftentimes, the practice helped me reset after my day but then I became curious about linking meditation to my Ironman training and using it prior to the race to calm my nerves. I truly tried to integrate this in but at the time, my mind was so muddled, exhausted, and fried that I couldn’t get anything going.

Now, 8 months later with a clearer mind, I have begun to meditate every morning before work and it has made a huge difference! Here are five reasons why.

  1. Achieve A Daily Goal

A goal I have for myself that I publicly declared in my Beachbody coaching group is to meditate everyday. By taking just 10 minutes in the morning, I accomplish a goal I’ve set for myself and feel instantly rewarded.


  1. Start My Day More Peacefully

Now that my health is getting back on track, I am able to get up with enough time to have coffee, read, meditate and still get ready for work. Until my thyroid was figured out, I had so much trouble waking up and would often be scrambling to get ready while getting Memphis outside to do his business. This had me feeling stressed as I entered work and getting the day off on the wrong foot. I now enter with a clear mind and better outlook.


  1. Learn How to Quiet My Mind

I don’t know about you but my mind is constantly going, with new ideas, things to get done, activities I want to do and everything else. Meditation is teaching me how to quiet my mind and how I can better control my thoughts. For years (and still), I would let recurring, negative thoughts bog me down and ruin my day. Now, I can recognize these thoughts, address them and move on.


  1. Reactions to Challenges Is Less Severe

I’m noticing a shift in how I react to things that may come as a surprise, shock, or discouragement. I take a little longer to process it and think through it. “What about this is causing this reaction?” “Is this emotion I feel appropriate for the situation?”. This is also in part due to listening to a podcast from Jess Lively called “The Lively Show” and learning from her “Life with Intention” series. Check it out, it’s awesome stuff.


  1. Happier Throughout the Day

Since I now start my day in a happier place, I approach (or at least try to) the rest of the day from a better perspective. Things at work have not been all butterflies and rainbows for the past several months and it was really getting me down but now I feel better about going to work and know that I can step away for 10 minutes to meditate should I feel overwhelmed or anxious about things.


So, you see all of the benefits and want to get started right?! Not sure where to begin? Check out this free app “Headspace” to get started. The app guides you through 10 days of 10 minute long sessions. The leader is a soothing, British-male voice who prompts you at just the right times. They also provide cute cartoons to help visualize the process. Once your 10 free sessions are up, you’ll have to subscribe, but trust me it’s worth the couple of dollars (definitely cheaper than a yoga membership!).


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