Baby Got Back-Or Needs To!

While perusing Facebook today, like every other day, I came across an article on that featured a picture of Miranda “Rinny” Carfrae. Rinny recently won the Ironman World Championship in Kona, HI by having one of the most stellar marathon performances ever. She came from behind and passed some of the world’s best athletes to take the title for her second time, breaking her own run course record by laying down a 2:50:38 marathon time.


I always pay attention to an article if Rinny is the example they’re using because clearly she’s doing something right! I watched her run towards 1st place as Ironman streamed the race this year and just watched in awe and amazement at her effortless stride and strong posture. I think this year’s race placed more attention on her race than it did the men’s race which is very nice to see.



Anyways, back to the original topic, the article “The Glutes: Your Biggest Asset” provided some valuable insight on my lingering issues. Since I’m sidelined right now with plantar fascitiis and achilles tendinitis, I can only dream and think about running but I’m in the weight room lifting and building strength back up just no cardio right now. As I read the article I came across the factoid that weakness in the gluteus maximus or your butt, can lead to the issues I’ve been dealing with! Now, I’ve known that having a strong core and glute muscles are important to athletic success but it hadn’t really crossed my mind as to a major stemming factor of my current situation.


Source: Outside Online

“With weak glutes comes the threat of running’s most common injuries — everything from IT band syndrome to plantar fasciitis can be linked back to the butt.”-Bryan Hill, physical therapist 

Hmm, IT band troubles-check, plantar fasciitis-check.

The article provided a quick test to see if your glutes are in fact weak.

Do this: a single-leg squat as low as you can go. If you can reach an angle of 80 degrees or more (90-degree knee flexion is optimal, says Hill), you’re likely efficient at loading your glute properly while running.

So of course I immediately got up of my chair that I sit in way too much and tried both legs. Not only did both legs really burn from the exertion but if I could guess my knee flexion I would say about 75-80 degrees…not good!

When I was doing CrossFit, we rarely had to do pistols but when we did I could never do them. A pistol movement is a one leg squat with the free leg stuck out in front of you. Those things are damn hard to do but I understand why their important to incorporate.

I can't do them on the floor let alone a kettle ball handle!

I can’t do them on the floor let alone a kettle ball handle!

Since I’m not running and focusing on rehabbing on my own, I’m going to add in a lot of glute and hamstring work so that come the new year, I’ll be stronger and more flexible and hopefully eliminate or at least ease a lot of pain and tenderness as well as get my body more symmetric.

Next week I go back for my check up with my doctor. I don’t think anything will be discovered nor do I think we’ll need to do any further testing. I’m expecting him to say I can start jogging again by walking a block, jogging a block and building up very slowly. I’m going to hop on the bike trainer this weekend for no more than 20 minutes to see how things feel. I also want to get in the pool and swim some to get some cardio but will avoid pushing off the wall so I don’t add stress to the achilles.

I’ve been not running for 3 weeks and by next week’s appointment it will be 4. In a Runner’s World magazine issue from this month, the Ask the Experts column explained that you should expect your body to take at least 3 weeks to regain your fitness when you’ve been injured or sick for 3 weeks. So that’s what I expect 3-4 weeks to probably feeling 80% and then on from there.

I’m still registered for the Donna Marathon but clearly the 26.2 isn’t happening in February but I’m seeing if I can do the half now but the main priority is being healthy entering the 2014 triathlon season as my date to officially begin training for IMLP looms closer and closer.

One final note semi-related to all of this (because he provided me 50% of his genes) is that today is my dad’s birthday and wanted to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Dad and I on his birthday at the Orlando Magic, DeVos graduation ceremony 2010

Dad and I on his birthday at the Orlando Magic, DeVos graduation ceremony 2010

PS Can’t believe its been 3 years since my graduate class crossed the new Amway Center’s basketball court at half time to be honored for our graduation. Craziness!

PPS The director of my graduate program, the DeVos Sport Management Program at UCF, Dr. Richard Lapchick, wrote a wonderful article for on Nelson Mandela’s significance in sports and racism. The two were friends and so it was sad to hear of the passing of Mr. Mandela yesterday. Click here to read the article

RIP Nelson Mandela


Dr. Richard Lapchick and I at the 2010 Central Florida Sports Commission Event

Dr. Richard Lapchick and I at the 2010 Central Florida Sports Commission Event

Exercises for strengthening the glutes as posted by Runner’s World:









Wanna Be a Spartan for a Day?

My business, KickStart Endurance, has a FREE entry into any Spartan Race that is open for the 2013-2014 season. Yup, thats right, a free entry and all you need to do is provide your name and email address and we will randomly draw a winner!

logo5Now I haven’t done a Spartan Race, yet, but I definitely plan on it! These races have always intrigued me but have typically fallen during important training time for triathlons so I was leery of trying them out in fear of rolling an ankle or something similar. There is a sprint race in Tampa in February so I may just have to keep that in mind!

What’s even cooler is that NBC Sports has recognized how important alternative sports have become to the general consumer. So much so that they are airing the Spartan Race World Championship LIVE on Saturday, October 19. Pretty sweet stuff. Now if only Kona wasn’t 8 hours long, we could have live triathlon also!

Here’s a little pump up video to get you in the Spartan mood

So if you don’t win the free entry, here’s a link that will save you 15%!

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I Bonked

I competed in the Loggerhead sprint triathlon this past Saturday. Plan is to get a race recap up once I get some photos from my dad.

Post race day, I slept in until 11:30 am on Sunday! Holy cow, couldn’t believe it but I did wake up two times before that and just let myself go to sleep. I guess I needed it. I didn’t do any physical activities Sunday but did make another trip to Jupiter but this time with Memphis to go and enjoy the beach.

I was reading a magazine about Florida and they had a great section on traveling and sightseeing with dogs and mentioned that the beach where I had just raced at the day previously had a 2.5 mile stretch of beach that is dog friendly just south of it. So we hopped in the car and headed south for the day!

The water in Jupiter is so much clearer than at our beaches here, you can actually see down to the bottom. Another nice thing is that the bottom gradually descends rather than sharply dropping off which is why our water isn’t as clear because all of the sand gets churned up.

We had a great day watching and playing with other dogs, people and the water. Lots of beach goers and friendly pups.

photo (42)

Memphis Jupiter1

Memphis Jupiter2

Memphis Jupiter3

It was a great day and one that I will likely replicate in the very near future!

I was back at it Monday with a trip to CrossFit Vero Beach in the morning. The workout:

5×1 3-position snatch (full) high hang, hang, floor 

5×2 Front Squat, heaviest possible

Three rounds for time of –
400 m run
10 Toes-to-bar
15 hand-release push-ups

With regards to weight on the olympic movements, I am not going heavy as I am just getting back into the swing of things and activating my muscles differently. It can be hard because I know what my weights used to be and that I can go heavier but then I compromise my recovery. Its a fine balance when you’re first getting back into CrossFit or any weight routine.

Monday afternoon was supposed to be an ocean swim but with thunder rumbling when I got to the beach and lightning spotted south of us, I opted out. Not everyone did and thats their personal discretion but if I hear and see these signs, its a definite no go for me. As I headed home, the weather out west just looked worse and worse and was certainly moving quickly.

West Storm


This picture is from going over the bridge. You can see the blue, clear sky and then the storm clouds just covering the rest of the sky, it looked like a carpet being rolled out.

Tuesday was supposed to be a swim and run workout but here’s what happened.

Didn’t make it to the pool in the morning so I opted to do both after work. Went to Quail but as has been pretty common all summer, there were young kids there with their parents, making it difficult to get laps in. I actually almost swam into a little girl because she was around 3 years old. I called it quits at 600 meters.

I then changed and headed out for a loop of the bridges. The first two miles, 1 mile leading up to the first bridge and the first bridge, felt great. I tried to keep my pacing steady so I wouldn’t go too fast. Around the 3 mile mark, my left foot was falling asleep and burning. I have these no tie racing laces in and they just are not working so I pulled off my sock and tucked it into my waistband. That certainly helped!

By mile 4, I started to get chills and cold sweat, never a good sign. I still had one more bridge to cross. I got up the bridge, walked at the top for .10 mile and then continued down. After running part of the down hill, I committed to running to the light of A1A and then walk. And walk I did because I was not feeling good at all. I determined I just had not eaten enough throughout the day. I bonked.

At this point, I was 4.7 miles into the run. After feeling somewhat better, I finished off the run to make it an even 5 miles but I was completely beat walking the rest of the way back to the car. I immediately went to Quail’s outside bar and ordered a water and a Coke. The calories and sugar made me feel better pretty quickly. After eating dinner later, I started to come around again. Lesson learned about eating properly for your workouts. I certainly know better but sometimes it happens.

The rest of this week will be training for my upcoming olympic distance triathlon, Rev3 Maine at Old Orchard Beach! I’m excited to head north for a couple of days, away from heat and humidity and to see a really good friend of mine. It should be a great weekend.

Rev3 MaineRest of the Week’s Workouts:

Today: Bike 1 hour 30 minutes

Thursday: Morning swim at Gene’s

Afternoon 45 min bike ride, 30 min run at recovery pace

Friday:  bike 30 min, run 45 min (brick)

Saturday: bike 1 hour 30 min.

ocean swim with the group

run 20 minutes

Sunday: run 45 minutes