A little about me

Triathlon Resume

I am an endurance athlete who loves the Florida sunshine and my soon to be 6 year old Schnoodle, Memphis. I have been an athlete my whole life, having played team sports through middle and high school and carrying my active lifestyle with me through college and into my career life.

At the age of 12, I received a black belt in karate and followed that a year later with a black belt in jui-jitsu. I played lacrosse (goalie) from 7th-12th grade on one of Florida’s top high school teams and dabbled in basketball, volleyball, and softball before landing on my other main sport, golf.

I took lessons religiously starting my junior year of high school and was asked to sub in for one of the girls on the high school team for a tournament. Well, she was injured the rest of the season and despite my dad insisting I should not be playing in a tournament where scores counted for something, I played the rest of the season with the team and ended up playing in the #1 position my senior year.

Golf has stuck with me ever since then and has been a love of mine but when I need real activity and “out of breath” workouts, golf just doesn’t do the trick.

During my freshman and sophomore years of colleges, I gained the freshman 15, both years! I eventually became fed up with how I felt and looked so I started working out with a trainer during the summer of my junior year. I lost about 30 lbs and fell back in love with weight training. Aerobic exercise on the other hand, didn’t come for a little while later.

My first post-college job or rather internship, was in Cleveland, OH. Yes, I had no idea what I was getting myself into but needless to say, I went stir crazy that winter what with the darkness falling before I left work, constant muddy snowpiles everywhere and the dinginess of my “provided housing” I started to go running in a local park to escape the remnants of winter. It was during the late spring of 2009 that I learned I actually liked to run, despite my unshakable belief that I wasn’t a runner and that I in fact hated the sport. Sidenote: you’ll notice that all the sports I had previously participated in lack running.

I signed up for the Boston Run to Remember: 5 mile run in May of 2009 (despite feeling as if 5 miles was an eternity to run) as it was an excuse to visit friends in Boston and to run with my friend and former roommate Jenny who was doing the half marathon in preparation for an upcoming marathon. I truly enjoyed the race, the atmosphere and of course, the post race swag and food. I always credit Jenny as the one who got me into endurance sports as she was my roommate one summer and was constantly doing something with LLS and Team in Training, training for a race, or going someplace fun for races. That run in May in Boston was the beginning of my life as an endurance athlete.

Since that time, I have ran countless 5ks, 10ks, four half marathons, and gotten into the wonderful world of triathlon. Since then I’ve travelled the East coast doing triathlons, been a member of Team Rev3 and even toed the line at a full Ironman.

Recently I made the leap to Team Beachbody as a coach. I love sharing my journey and helping others with theirs. On Running with Memphis, you’ll find exercises, recipes, and updates on Beachbody and how you can get involved.

Professional Stuff:

BS degree in Leisure and Sport Management from Elon University

MBA and MSA degrees in Sport Administration from University of Central Florida

Working in the sports industry since September 2006

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  1. I’ve just notice you are on the honey Stinger sponsorship program.. I’ve been dying to taste em.. any reviews done on it yet ? do share ok thanks for the likes as well

    Train hard, race harder

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