5 Things Triathlon Brings Into Your Life

What’s in it for me?

This phrase is something that always rolls around in our heads when we are considering something new, routine, or undesirable. It pops up every day of our lives whether we know it or not.

When looking at the outside of something say triathlon, you may think the following things:

  • Its expensive
  • I have to get up way too early
  • Those people are crazy training the way they do
  • Get into a river, with animals, I don’t think so

But what you miss are all the benefits of triathlon and how it can enhance your life tremendously. Not only can it better your life but your friends and family’s life as well. Don’t believe me? Here are five ways triathlon can give back to you.

  1. Fun

Triathlon at its heart is a fun sport!


We wear funny spandex outfits, pee on our bikes, and use funny terms like “farlek” and “bricks” to describe workouts. Just about no topic is off-limit when you bike or run with a group of triathletes because hey, we all experience strange and new things, even the most experienced triathlete.  

2. Mood Improvement

Endorphins will be coursing through your veins.


As you progress in the sport, you’re able to push yourself harder, faster and further which leads to a nice, little natural high from our friends, endorphins. Whether it’s cresting a tall hill and rocketing down it, taking a turn tightly or getting into a sprint finish with a fellow triathlete in your age-group, you will experience the natural high of competition.

3. Discipline

Not only will your coach hold you accountable but you will hold yourself accountable.


Weeks 1 and 2 in Training Peaks

Multitasking takes on a whole new meaning when you are training for a triathlon, juggling kids and family responsibilities and a full time job to boot. You’ll develop time saving skills, become an expert bag packer and fully understand what it means to put a race registration on your credit card six months ago and show up ready to the start line.

You’ll put in the time needed to reach your goals and look back on your accomplishment with a smile because now packing a swim and run bag are second nature, while getting a bike workout in on the trainer while the kids do homework is no big deal.

4. Community

Become a member of the tribe.


We’re not only a fun group of people but we are a welcoming group of people who will encourage and support you in this sport. We’ll respond to your 5 am texts asking if the run is still happening or will help lube you up when putting on your wetsuit for the first time.

This is an unselfish group of people who like to push themselves but also like to give back to their sport and the triathlon community.

5. Achievement

The feeling of accomplishment is great.


From completing your first open water swim to get through a whole bike ride with clips for the first time without falling over, there are new, achievable accomplishments at every corner. Each day you make it through another workout is an achievement and something you’ll take with you when you go to work or take your kids to school.

People around you will notice a shift in your persona because now you’ll have the confidence to go out and tackle anything put in your way.

Final Thoughts

Notice one thing missing from the list above? Yes, fitness and health are big factors for those getting into the sport initially but the five items listed above may be even bigger factors as they will permeate and touch everything else in your life.  



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