Ebbs and Flows

It’s time to switch things up here on Running with Memphis. I’ve been absent for so long because I didn’t want to write about my lackluster training sessions or the disappointment of not making it to races this past year. Rather, I want to talk about other things I’m enjoying in my life because let’s face it, our interests and desires ebb and flow like the waves lapping on the beach. Sometimes the tide is stronger and produces crashing waves while other times, the tide offers a calm, reflective surface.

Since Ironman Mont-Tremblant, I have allowed myself to do what I want and how I want as it pertains to my free time and exercise. I haven’t been to the pool once, haven’t ridden my tri bike once and have only a handful of runs logged and none with my Garmin. I need this break both mentally and physically from the sport of triathlon because I became so burnt out on the process of getting to IMMT that I no longer enjoyed the sport and what good is a hobby when you receive no joy or fulfillment from it?

About a month or so after IMMT I thought I was ready to look for a new bike and hop figuratively back into the saddle. I went to my local bike shop and got a Specialized Shiv set up for me to test ride. It sat, nice and shiny, in my family room for two straight weeks without me even making an attempt at riding it. I soon realized that my heart just wasn’t in it and that I wasn’t ready to return to triathlon.

Instead of swim, bike and run, I am doing CrossFit about two times a week and working on my house the rest of the time. Its pretty minimum physical exertion but for right now I’m ok with it especially with the sky getting dark at 5:30, limiting my opportunities to get outside after work.

My house now has freshly painted walls in the living and dining room, my mantel over my fireplace has been stripped of five layers of paint and my backyard is in the middle of demolition and reconstruction. Occasionally, I have more immediate projects I need to take care of like the large crack in my guest bathroom’s toilet tank or new locks on all of the doors.


I have found I take great pleasure in starting and finishing these projects around the house. I’m also able to pick up very handy skills and expand my project knowledge. Memphis is still there, always following me around where ever I go, as if he is the site supervisor. He has settled in nicely to our new home and really likes to run around the large backyard and find the places where the squirrels, raccoons and opossums go daily.


So while this blog has the title “running” in it, I am going to let my interest in running or lack thereof not dictate the direction of this blog. Rather, I hope to post more consistently about life in general and what I’m experiencing in more real time but as always, Memphis will be a part of it 🙂


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  1. Your blog posting made me smile since you are finding what makes you happy. All that work on the house is major exercising and I am sure. Your body felt it. I can visualize Memphis prancing around the yard and being your partner. It is great you took time to examine your needs and desire. It is a part of maturity and wisdom. I am proud of you and how you handled everything. The People who matter most love you and support you. I will look forward to your future postings.

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