Month 1 Roundup-Ironman Mont-Tremblant Training

Wow where did March go?! January and February were pretty quick for my pre-training plan months but March flew by and I know April is going to go quickly as I’m traveling quite a bit this month. March was the kickoff of my official training plan and it didn’t disappoint. One thing I know I have learned from listening to others, reading blog posts and having trained for triathlons in the past, there are days where you are not going to feel like working out but you have to pull yourself together and get it done and then there are other days where training will actually be detrimental to you and your health and its best to let your body rest.

I experienced both sides of the coin on this one as I got (what I am now understanding) is my yearly March cold. Thankfully, it didn’t kick my butt nearly as much as last year but it did keep me off of my feet for a weekend a workday. I had zero energy, chest congestion, mild fever and sore throat. I don’t think I lost much fitness as the last week of the month was fairly strong all things considered (Read: Week 4 Training Recap).

Looking ahead to the next couple of months I know a couple of things. April is going to be tough due to travel and being in New York for the full work week towards the end and I’ll be doing some travel. Some of which I just got back from. May is fairly open and since I didn’t get to compete in Clermont, I am most likely going to race my hometown’s sprint triathlon in the middle of the month just to get a tri under my belt before going to Ironman Raleigh 70.3.

Raleigh is at the very end of May which leaves me two and half solid months of training with no races and very little travel. I planned it purposely so hopefully all goes to plan!

Here’s what my first “official” month of Ironman training looked like:

Swim – 15,650 yards, 5:11

Bike – 155 miles, 10:19

Run – 47.3 miles, 9:19

Race – Gate River Run 15k

Total time: 26 hours. 220.6 miles

Longest week: 7:48

Shortest week: 4:37 (sick week)

My focus has been and will continue to be Quality over Quantity. There is no use for junk miles in Ironman training. Nor is there much use for high heart rate work except on certain days. This is a tortoise and the hare kind of race where slow and steady does much better! I do need to get better about getting certain workouts done by getting up early in the morning. Lately, I’ve been better about it but I will admit its been a struggle.

With the above stated, this does not mean that I won’t be getting long rides and runs in though my long runs won’t come near those of my rides as I know through all of this training, my endurance will be built up for race day and I will get it done on the run. My main concern right now is the bike first and foremost followed by staying consistent with my swimming and running.

Hope you’re training is going well…swift feet and tailwinds.


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