Week 4 Ironman Mont-Tremblant Training

The last week of the first month of training was fairly solid and ended on a long ride of 44 miles on the Ironman Florida 70.3 course in Haines City. I got in three solid sessions of yoga early in the week and two good swim sessions of 2275 yards and 2000 yards. I purposely focused on biking and swimming this week as my running is solid right now and I knew the next two weeks were going to be running filled with Run til Your Boared 16k and Ragnar Trail Relays the following weekend.

I did a Power Hour workout on Tuesday on the Wahoo Kickr and a 5 mile run heart rate test to establish a base of heart rate zones moving forward. During that run, the sky was looking iffy but there was no way I was going to go to the treadmill after the day I had had. I headed out and did a loop our my neighborhood before going east toward some open sidewalks. The clouds were gathering and getting darker. I am not one for being outside in a storm but can appreciate them safely tucked inside my home.

Well, as I made the turn to go back, I faced a black wall of clouds with heavy drops coming down. Considering this was a heart rate test, I was already running hard but soon there was cracking of lightning going on so I pushed harder and ended up under the overpass of the interstate. I was there for our about 10 minutes with people wizzing by and trying to remain calm with the lightning overhead.

Eventually, it calmed down and I headed back out into the pouring rain. to finish up the rest of the run towards home. There’s something about running in the rain that just makes you feel like a badass but I have to admit I felt like a stupid badass due to the lightning.

Anyways, for the three main miles in between the warm up and cool down, I produced the following statistics:

Mile 1 – 8:46 – average heart rate: 166

Mile 2 – 8:34 – average heart rate: 171

Mile 3 – 8:32 – average heart rate: 169

These miles were hard but controlled and obviously not an all out sprint. When I have a chance this week, I will work on my actual zones but I have a pretty good idea of where I am comfortable heart rate wise for certain distances.

The week ended with a trip to South Florida and day spent in Haines City (home of Lego Land) to ride the IMFL 70.3 course. This was my third time riding here and first on my own. I had forgotten that most of the course does not have bike lanes since I was usually in a group. It was unseasonably chilly that morning so I was worried about being warm enough but thankfully I keep all sorts of things in my car and had my bright pink wind breaker with me.

For the most part, the drivers were courteous because they are used to cyclists in the area especially with race day 2 weeks away. There were some people who were obnoxious to me on purpose which I really did not appreciate. What really got me though out on the course were the heavy winds that day.

The winds were so bad that when you had a good down hill you either didn’t get much momentum, enough that even in my hardest gear I was still pedaling, or that the wind was coming across and you had to get out of area position to keep from getting blown over. The hills there are fair, nothing too crazy, but the added wind definitely slowed things down. My legs felt better than the last time I rode this which was late Spring last year and my saddle issues were definitely better. Eventually, I had enough of the wind and cut the course short by going up some more hills and not adding in the last loop part. I have no qualms with this as the wind did me in!

I got in 44 miles in 2:40. Certainly not my fastest ride but a stronger ride due to the wind. I also wasn’t looking at my pace but rather my heart rate. I didn’t do laps or anything so I have just the entire ride’s data. I had an average heart rate of 140 with a max of 169 and an elevation gain of 1090 feet at 16.3 mph. I did start the ride out of aero position in the small chain ring for about 20 minutes or so bringing down the average.

Due to the cold and wind, I have zero pictures from my day in Haines City but oh well!

Here are my weekly totals:

Swim: 4275 yards, 1:31

Bike: 63.6 miles, 3:40

Run: 5 miles, :46

Yoga: three sessions

Total for the week: 7:23


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