Rambling Stuff About Training

Fell off the blogging wagon a bit recently but sometimes that happens it’s ok! I officially ended my pre-base phase this past Sunday and am officially in “Ironman Training”. woot woot!

This past Sunday I was supposed to run the Treasure Coast half marathon but decided to sell my bib (it was sold out) for various reasons and focus on the Gate River Run 15k next Saturday to be my A-/B+ race for the early season. I’m really glad I made this decision and was able to get my money back so I see it as a win-win.

Random Picture of Memphis just because :)

Random Picture of Memphis just because 🙂

With that said, until Friday, I was treating the week as a race week so lower volume and intensity so the numbers were definitely reduced but I got in a really good swim Friday night at 2650 yards and would have kept going but my foot cramped, forcing me out of the pool. I had my Finis Swim Headphones on and listened to music as I did some longer sets.

Off the top of my head, I believe this was my workout or close to it:

500 yard warm up

300 yards with paddles and buoy

6×100 yard, 10 second rest in between each set

300 yards

2×150 yards

300 yards

3×100 yards

50 yard buoy until foot cramped

Last season, when I was training for Lake Placid, my swimming numbers were very low, in fact, after looking at my Training Peaks account, it looks like my longest swim (outside of Raleigh 70.3) was 2100 yards and that was in late April. My account then had a lot of red and yellow blocks meaning I either didn’t complete the workout or didn’t do the full workout. I struggled last year with calf issues, saddle issues, illness right before the season started and general apathy towards IMLP.

A major difference between last year and this is that I have 2 months of solid training in before the actual training plan starts. Last year, we started this same week for IMLP but I had no base whatsoever.

I’m encouraged by Friday nights swim and am using this as motivation heading into “official” week 1.

Instead of the half marathon, I did the bridge loop in my hometown while visiting my folks which is a perfect 6 miles with two different bridges. It was the warmest run I have done recently but despite the humidity, I felt really good in general. I purposely focused on keeping a steady, conversational pace while enjoying the warmer weather.



Tonight is the last indoor bike session with Open Road Bicycles. I am going to miss these Tuesday night rides as it was a good way to stay motivated and accountable. Since daylight savings is this weekend, I will hopefully be able to get in rides after work now that the sun will be out longer.

Tomorrow I head to Atlanta for a two day work conference so I’m having to move some workouts around. I searched high and low for an indoor pool near my hotel but nothing was available so I’m resorting to back to back run days, one speed and one tempo. This weekend’s workouts aren’t terribly crazy which is nice as next Saturday is the Gate River Run 15k and my good friend’s wedding that evening followed by a brick workout and swim Sunday.

March and April are really busy between work trips and races but I’m staying flexible and trusting in my plan. The month of May is low key except for Raleigh 70.3 and a work trip that coincides with the race in Raleigh. June, July and August are purposely quiet so I can focus on knocking out long workouts and recovering appropriately so please no requests to go to Vegas or Ragnar Relay!

This post is a mish-mash of ramblings but its nice to put it all together and reflect on where I have come from since last year and where I am currently.

18 days until Great Clermont Triathlon

88 days until Ironman Raleigh 70.3

165 days until Ironman Mont-Tremblant


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