A Scary Dream

The other night I had a dream, a meandering dream as they typically are that didn’t really make sense but definitely shows what’s going on in my subconscious. It started out (I believe) with a walking tour of looking at gigantic houses in a really pretty neighborhood. The people I was with, not my family, but somehow I knew them, were looking for a rental home either for a short period of time or a vacation.

The homes were magnificent with tons of rooms, fun things like a slide into a pool within the house, multiple levels and lush landscapes. At one point, more people joined us and we were in a pool hanging out. I believe this was indoor lap pool. At some point during the dream and the pool scene, I fell asleep only to be woken at 4 pm.


Now 4 pm is important because apparently in my dream my Ironman race was supposed to start at 3:30 pm! Why on earth an Ironman would start at 3:30 pm is beyond me but in my dream it did. At first, when realizing I was late, I was super pissed at those around me for not waking me up and then became frantic at gathering my gear and trying to get across the place we were staying at. I also remember wondering if you could start an Ironman late as long as you stayed within the time limits allowed for each section.

I eventually made it to the start area but I believe this then morphed into a whole other scene that is really hazy now.

Its amazing what our dreams can consist of and how vivid they can be with emotions, places, and events. My Ironman is not until August 16 so I hope dreams like this won’t be a recurring theme! I am not however worried about oversleeping the morning of the 16th as I probably won’t be getting much sleep and I will have multiple alarms set at various times. Plus, there’s no way we would ever have so much going on before an Ironman race!

Have you ever had strange dreams about things your’e working on or towards?

"Follow Your Dreams"


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