Why I am throwing goals out the window tomorrow

Before I left Florida bright and early yesterday morning, I made a very conscious decision to discard my goals for Raleigh 70.3 this Sunday. When I do have race goals, I tend not to share them publicly for a number of reasons but here’s why I’m throwing them out the window.

1. This is my first 70.3 race but 3rd registered 70.3 race. I have a monkey to get off of my back. Two years ago I was signed up for Florida 70.3 and trained the whole season only to get socked with two major illnesses: the first sinus related two weeks before the race and the second one of the worst food poisoning episodes I have ever had a week before the race. Those two sicknesses forced me to withdraw after making it this close to race day.

I was also signed up for Augusta 70.3 for this past September but when a sponsorship opportunity came up for work with Iron Girl, I was able to defer my spot, hence how I ended up in Raleigh. So two races, no starts.

2. This is a long race and as any athlete knows, things can go wrong on a wide scale. Just a factor of racing.

3. Several months ago, I wasn’t even running! Walking and sitting hurt and I had been frustrated with the situation for months. Dr. Dan and his staff at Vital Wellness in south Florida helped me tremendously to get me back out on the road. Being able to toe the line tomorrow is a major accomplishment in and of itself and I am celebrating this!

4. We do this sport because we think it is fun. By putting pressure on ourselves to reach a certain distance or come under a certain time, can really affect how you view your experience afterwards. I have learned thru lots of trial and error over the years in competitive sports that when I put a specific goal on a performance I tend to under perform. Mostly because I wear myself out mentally and tense up physically, neither of which works well in this sport. I am going to enjoy the nature and beauty of the state I called home in college for four years. Basically, I am going to have fun while trying my best.

5. Tomorrow’s race is another stepping stone to the big dance, Ironman Lake Placid. Raleigh does not make or break things for me. It allows me to experience long course racing while simulating nutrition and pacing for Placid. My eyes are on Placid and Raleigh is helping me to get there.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I won’t be lolly gagging on the bike or casually strolling by on the run. I will go out with my same determination and will but with lighter shoulders. High fives will be given and words of encouragement will be shared with others. Were all going to be suffering the same.

Best of luck to everyone racing this weekend especially my Rev3 teammates at Rev3 Quassy! I hope someone else benefits from this thought process and has the race of their life.

See you at the finish line. Bib #212



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