8 Weeks of 140.6 Training in Condensed Form!

9 mile run

Wow, its been a very long time since I’ve posted about training and racing but I’m going to ignore that little nugget of truth and act as if I’ve been posting all along!

Ironman Lake Placid training has been in full effect despite the lack of writing. I started with my coach at the beginning of March and we were pretty cautious with my ankle, calf and achilles considering I was still recovering and figuring out what was going on. Thankfully, I’ve been on the mend and able to run fully now.

A little recap since training has started:

Week 1:

-Swim: 2900 yards

-Bike: 1:25 (trainer

-Run: 3 miles

Week 2: 

I attended the Rev3 Team Summit in Virginia so this week’s training was way off.

-Swim: 0

-Bike: 18 miles (test)

-Run: 3.5 miles

Post summit I flew to Vegas for 6 days and got some more training in there

Week 3

-Swim: 2750 meters

-Bike: 11.11 miles in Red Rock. 1,000 ft of elevation gain in first 4 miles!

-Run: 0

Red Rock just outside of Las Vegas-kicked my butt!

Red Rock just outside of Las Vegas-kicked my butt!

Week 4 – Back to the grindstone!

-Swim: 3700 yards

-Bike: 2.5 hrs

-Run: 6.2 miles

Week 5 – April

-Swim: 2400 yards

-Bike: 32 miles + 1 hr trainer

-Run: 7.1 miles

Tri specific shoes from the best sponsor: Pearl Izumi!

Tri specific shoes from the best sponsor: Pearl Izumi!

Week 6

-Swim: 1900 yards

-Bike: 71 miles

-Run: 8.42 miles

Lovely tan lines from 40 mile ride

Lovely tan lines from 40 mile ride

Week 7

-Swim: 1850 yards

-Bike: 45 miles + 1 hr trainer

-Run: 18.2 miles

Now we just passed Week 8 of training and it was race week. I trained through the St. Anthony’s Race and was pretty sore heading into the race. Looking back, my swim numbers just aren’t there. A lot of it has been weather related (we don’t have indoor pools in Fl!) or spring break related. The pools have been super busy with the snowbirds’ grandchildren coming to visit so when I do swim its like an open water swim dodging kids and swimming in waves!

9 mile run

9 mile run

Last week was a very good week of training. The previous weekend I had a 9 mile run in the morning on Saturday and a 45 mile ride on Sunday which was also Easter. When I woke up on Sunday, I had zero motivation or energy to do that ride but I eventually got my act together and got on the bike. Once on the bike, I headed north into the wind and was still questioning what I was doing on A1A during a holiday battling a strong headwind rather than battling a strong mimosa.

Once I made the turn at Wabasso to head South to Ft. Pierce I felt a lot better and my legs started to come around. I finished the ride feeling great and very happy about the big mental workout I had that day.

Getting over that mental hurdle was huge for me and so glad I didn’t cave to my inner voice telling me to go back to bed, to push the ride to the afternoon, etc.

After that ride, I had a rest day Monday and headed into race week. The goal during my recovery was to get to St. Anthony’s as my first triathlon of the season and to be able to the Sprint race. I made it to race week feeling stronger than I expected to.

Last week’s summary-Week 8

-Swim: 5100 yards

-Bike: 1:20 trainer ride, hill repeats where I learned I need to focus on these! + 10.82 miles in St. Anthony’s Race

-Run: 8.82 miles + 3.1 miles in St. Anthonys

I will do a separate St. Anthony’s Race Report but I am pretty happy with my results especially considering I wasn’t really running much until 3 weeks ago.

Channeling Rev3 Teammate Jen Smalls prior to St. Anthonys

Channeling Rev3 Teammate Jen Smalls prior to St. Anthonys

Now its Week 9 of training and I’ve got 2 races in the next 6 weeks, both out of state. Rev3 Knoxville Olympic and Ironman Raleigh 70.3. Neither are on easy courses so they will be good indicators for me regarding Placid. As my training progresses, my mind is shifting from the fast, shorter course racing I’m used to to slower, managed racing where the objective is to finish the distance, enjoy the day (as much as you can!) and learn during the journey.

I’ve got a total of 21 weeks of training and I’ve already completed 9 weeks. Its going quickly and has been a test of mental and physical will but I’m learning as I go and am enjoying reaping the benefits.


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