Help Me Go Bald! I’m Making a BALD Statement Against Cancer!

Official training for IMLP commences this coming Monday. Wow, how time flies! Unfortunately, I am no where near where I expected to be physically heading into training. I was registered for The Donna Marathon which took place this past Sunday and would take 1-2 weeks off to rest and then jump into Ironman training.


Well, I’ve been sidelined with achilles/feet issues for several months which has resulted in weigh gain, muscle and aerobic loss. Basically, I’m not feeling real superb heading into this.

I do have confidence in my past fitness levels though as I tend to reach distances, aerobically at least, fairly quickly. This Ironman is not about speed but about controlling what my mind produces internally on my personal soundtrack.

With that being said, I am taking control over my fundraising efforts for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. Since this past August, I have managed to raise $3200, $1800 shy of my minimum of $5,000. You Can Donate Here

Last night through Facebook, I announced something a little crazy and daring. Should my fundraising reach $7,000 I will shave my head! I am Making A BOLD BALD Statement Against Cancer!

Bald-full logo

This effort will hopefully be fun for others to get behind and support as a lot of guys are willing to shave their heads but needless to say not many females! I hope you will help me spread the word to others so we can bring attention to a lesser known type of cancer. Read my post about Tom Brokaw and his diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma.

There is a Facebook page to follow along and share with others. You can also check out my fundraising website Miles For Myeloma. Thanks for helping me go bald!




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