Rev3 Rush-The Newest Triathlon Race You Can’t Miss

rev3rush -02-01

One of the perks of being on a team is hearing about things first and such is the case with Rev3 Rush from Rev3 Triathlon. We were all excited to hear the first details of Rev3 Rush a couple of weeks ago and even more excited to be able to share with all of our tri friends the details today when Rev3 HQ posted their press release about this newest form of triathlon racing. Read the press release here.

Rev3 Rush is exactly that, a rush of the senses since this format will be fast, seriously fast. Here’s the gist: swim 250 meters in a pool, race 5 miles on a car speed track while being able to draft and then hop in the in-field for a 1.25 mile run.

These distances are short which is why Rev3 Rush is incorporating several racing opportunities into one day. You will race a minimum of 2 times and a maximum of 6 times while being able to compete in heats and as part of a relay team. Rev3 Rush is going to be a great opportunity for teams and clubs to showcase their fastest people while spending time actually spectating, something we don’t really get to do since we’re always racing at the same time.

Richmond International Speedway

Richmond International Speedway

The first official Rev3 Rush is May 24-25 at Richmond International Speedway in Richmond, VA. Registration opens February 3rd. Rev3 is looking at two other locations currently to add to Rev3 Rush. Keep an eye out on Rev3 Triathlon’s website for more news about Rev3 Rush and other developments in events.


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