Bucket List Races: Triathlon Edition

bucketlist triathlon

I’ve been wanting to create a bucket list of races I would like to do one day or maybe even just dream about them so I’m finally putting finger to keys and getting things underway.

1. Ironman Lake Placid

I put this one first because if all things go right for the next several months and on race day, I will be able to cross this one off of the list. I am registered for the 2014 edition as part of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation’s charity team. I’m fundraising for blood cancer research while training for my first full iron distance event. I love the history and nostalgia of the 1980’s Winter Olympics and the Adirondack’s as the backdrop. Plus, Mirror Lake where the swim takes place is crystal clear and even has a guide line on the bottom to follow along with (if you get on the line). The town comes out in full support and parties until the last participants come in at the midnight mark.

ironman lakeplacid eventpgmainimg 1280x600

2. Wildflower Triathlon

This race has some of the greatest ties to the beginning of triathlon. I love the history, camping and off road running that accompanies this race. Its a must-do for any triathlete.

Wildflower Tri

3. Escape from Alcatraz

Another “must-do” for any triathlete as you start on a ferry near Alcatraz Island and jump into frigid San Francisco waters in a one way swim towards land. This race is extremely difficult to get into but well worth the effort to do so.


4. Rev3 Poconos

My family is from the Poconos area and I know those roads are steep which will certainly mean lots of climbing both on the bike and run but Rev3 makes it more fun than anyone. This race is new for 2014 and is hosted at Shawnee Inn that Rev3 will be taking over for the event (pretty cool!) I’ve got several other Rev3 races in mind for this list including one Rev3 Maine which I did this past August which was the original bucket list race.

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 2.40.52 PM

5. Celtman

Scotland is known for rugged terrain and extreme weather add in iron distance triathlon and you have one hell of a race. You even need a crew for this race, similar to Norseman. I’m celtic (Welsh and Irish) so seeing Scotland in this unique way would be great but certainly not for the weak of heart.

6. Ironman Kona

Kona represents the epitome of the sport and reaching the highest you can possibly reach. Maybe I’ll snag a lottery slot or even qualify one day but I know that Hawaii calls and I want to answer.


7. Lifetime’s Oceanside

Glitz and Hollywood glamour accompany this race as Hollywood A and B listers don their spandex for this tri. Plus, from what I hear, this area is gorgeous and should provide great weather plus people watching (always a plus!). Of course this year it was super foggy but hey that’s what triathlon is all about!


8. Abu Dhabi International Triathlon 

There’s several reasons this one made the list. 1. Travel to Abu Dhabi which I’ve read is amazing and rises out of the desert in spectacular fashion 2. The Pros. Pros come from all over to race this event as it offers one of the best purses. 3. Treated like royalty. Abu Dhabi knows service which is why their hotels consistently rank in the top lists around the world. Attention to detail is something that has been mastered. 4. How many people can say they have raced in Abu Dhabi?!

abu dhabi tri

9. Challenge Roth

History, Pros, Oktoberfest, 180,000+ spectators make Challenge Roth a triathlon destination race with a long history. Chrissie Wellington and Chris McCormack speak of it as one of the most if not the best triathlon, ever. Having that little beer festival at the same time doesn’t hurt either.

Challenge Roth

10. Ironman St. George 70.3

There always seems to be something epic going on at the St. George races. I’ve heard first hand accounts of swimming in the Sand Hollow Reservoir with whitecaps. Winds can get gusty which is why Ironman knocked the race to the 70.3 distance. Honestly, this appeals more because I think its still tough enough at that distance! Once on the bike and run, you’re surrounded by the infamous Red Rock Canyons and I can hear the echoes of Dave Mathews Band playing sets at Red Rock.

Reigning 70.3 World Champion Leanda Cave climbs the Utah terrain.

Honorable Mentions

MiamiMan (goes in the zoo!) Miami, Florida

Beach2Battleship-Wilmington, NC

Ironman Mont Tremblant-Canada

St. Anthony’s Triathlon-Tampa, FL (want to go back again!)

The Nation’s Triathlon (need to do the swim which got cancelled in the 2011 edition) Washington DC

HITS Napa Valley-wine and triathlon plus scenery, yes please!

Bone Island Triathlon-Key West, FL

Lots of more of course!

*This list is my own opinion and includes lists I would like to hopefully do one day, when I have lots of money and no job! There are certainly harder races out there but I’m realistic with my abilities




  1. Great list!!! I have wanted to do IMLP for as long as I have been doing IM races. That was the plan this year but my friends decided that Whistler(IMC) would be better! 😦 I can’t wait to hear what you think of the race! I have done Wildflower 4x and love it! One of my favorite tris!!

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