Thankful for Memphis

Memphis, my 3 year old-ish Schnoodle, is the love of my life and my partner in crime. He loves receiving belly rubs, treats, and of course attention. He loves to swim and paddle around for hours on end which unfortunately means he also pees for hours on end afterwards!



This black ball of energy is a Humane Society rescue who was with a young family the first 8 months of his life and was apparently too much energy for the family who had a new born (probably not the best idea to get a puppy and a newborn at the same time). Regardless, I found him while browsing for dogs online when I was living in Jacksonville. I thought there was no way he would still be available by the time I made it to the shelter over the weekend in Vero.


Taken right after I adopted him but had to wait 2 days to pick him up

Low and behold he was there and all mine! Since that Martin Luther King Jr day in 2011 when I picked him up, we have become inseparable and has been adopted by many friends. He has lots of aunts and uncles both in Vero Beach and Jacksonville. He’s a welcome sight for many customers at my store especially the little ones because he’s so gentle with them and loves to shake his butt when he wags his tail.


Memphis is certainly a unique dog as I like to think most dogs are. We have gotten into a comfortable routine but he is always up for a car trip with his mom and is so easy to travel with that I like taking him with me. Plus, he can sing. Anyone who has been around Memphis’ singing knows what I’m talking about!


Memphis and Obie are best buds (most of the time)

Memphis and Obie are best buds (most of the time)



This Thanksgiving, while we’re not doing anything big, I’m thankful for The Black Flash and all of the joy and laughter he brings not just to myself but to my friends, family and customers. He’s a one of a kind dog and I’m thankful for that.




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