Three Weeks to Health and Strength

Back from the doctors and the news isn’t awful, it definitely could always be worse. They took x-rays (I always like to see these and check them out!) and everything came back clean. Phew!

I was told I have severe tendinitis. I knew I had tendinitis most of this running season but now its just progressed beyond the point of managing on my own which is why I’m feeling pain in all of my calf and lower leg.

So here’s the game plan to off-season success:

1. No running for 3 weeks. While I’m not happy about this I expected it. My legs need time to heal and then need the proper base again to start running. I am allowed to bike and swim though I’m going to give biking a little more time as I have such poor circulation already that biking exacerbates it.

2. Stretching 2-3 times a day especially after a shower or hot tub. Also, massages! 

3. Anti-inflammatories. Trying to avoid the shots since I’m young and don’t want to start down this path yet.

4. Finally, I’ll be sleeping with someone other than Memphis (hope he doesn’t get jealous). Yup, I’ll be wearing a boot to bed. It keeps your foot in a flexed position which right now is totally uncomfortable. This should be interesting!

I think the boot needs a name, something fun, let me know your suggestions. It may need some stickers to brighten it up as well.

photo (49)

How this impacts the rest of my off-season is still TBD. I go back to the doc’s in 3 weeks. Should things be better by then, I will then be allowed to gradually, G-R-A-D-U-A-L-L-Y start running again. Yes, I’m spelling it out for myself, not because I don’t think you all can’t read.

I most likely won’t be doing a full marathon after all before Ironman Lake Placid but I’m fine with that. If anything, I want to do the half mary there and support the cause. The end goal and most important thing is to enter triathlon season healthy with a strong base of fitness and health so maybe this is a blessing in disguise? I’ve got big things planned for 2014 so I’m focusing on finishing 2013 healthy and strong.

The past couple of days, I’ve gotten a ton of comments on my blog post: The Importance of Rev3 Triathlon and Why I want to be a Team Rev3 Member. Current members have commented and Team Rev3 Facebook even shared my blog on their Facebook page. Makes today’s prognosis a little easier 🙂

Team Rev3



  1. So what kind of tendonitis is it that you have? I tore my PF earlier this year (January) and now I think I’ve developed Peroneal tendonitis. Visiting an ortho next week after Turkey Day myself – and expect a boot + therapy too!

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