An Update of Sorts

For quite some time now, about 2 months to be exact, I’ve been dealing with plantar fasciatis and tendonitis in my achilles. Nothing a runner doesn’t experience at some point in their sports career but recently things have gotten worse, much worse. I’ve had to stop in the middle of workouts because it feels like the lower part of my left leg is extremely tight and sore and as I push off, there is just no power, just a sort of deadness in the muscle.

Once I do stop running either for water or because I can’t handle it anymore, its difficult to put weight on it and the joints are extremely stiff. Needless to say, I’m frustrated and unhappy especially since I registered for my first marathon.

I know, I know-I didn’t write a blog post on it! I was waiting to see what happened with my leg but now training is impacted and I’m on the couch with my leg propped on a pillow while it aches. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow with my favorite doctor who has seen me since I fractured my left femur when I was 13. And yes, I firmly believe a lot of my leg issues stem from this accident 15 years ago.

Back to the marathon. I changed my mind recently have a good 10 mile run and really analyzing why I didn’t want to run Jax Bank Marathon and if I really did want to do a full before Ironman Lake Placid. Since I moved to Jacksonville, I loved the 26.2 with Donna race as it supports breast cancer research and does so amazingly. I’ve gotten to meet Donna Deegan several times when I worked at the PGA TOUR as the two groups are heavily connected.


I love that race and it holds special meaning which was a strong reason why I didn’t want to do Jax Bank. That race held no meaning for me, was two days after Christmas and had fallen victim to “everyone is doing it” syndrome. Well, I have to race the races I want to race and listen to my body which is what I’m doing now. I ran 2.5 miles Monday and hobbled up the driveway in pain and frustration. Tomorrow, I’m hoping for some answers and therefore a treatment plan so I can get back to training safely and hopefully laying the ground work for some fun Rev3 races and of course, D-Day, IMLP!


Speaking of Rev3, they’ve got two new races on board for this coming season, West Virginia and Mexico! Ok get the Deliverance music out of your head as WV is very pretty and scenic. West Virginia is August 1-3 which makes it tough for me since I’ll be getting back from a week in Lake Placid but that doesn’t mean you all can’t go! As for Mexico, the details are coming out but I’m hoping its on the East coast side as it would then just be a hop skip and jump there. Anyone got any airline points to share?!

Thank you for the support for my Rev3 blog post the other day! They truly are a great company and I will race with them for many years to come no matter what.

Team Rev3

Will post tomorrow on the result of the doctors appointment.


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