The Importance of Rev3 Triathlon and Why I want to be a Rev3 Tri Team Member

Team Rev3

I found out this past Friday that I had made the cut to be interviewed to become a member of the exclusive and ultra-cool triathlon team of Rev3! This was the third time I’ve applied for the team and first time I’ve made it to the next round. I am super pumped and honored to have made it this far. The field was cut from over 600 applications to just 50. Now Rev3 has the tough decision to cut from 50 to only 8!

I’m pushing hard to be one of those elusive 8 team members!

While I am racing Ironman Lake Placid in July, I truly love and support the general principles Rev3 triathlon embodies. I want to share with you why they’re different and different in an excellent way! Read my Rev3 Maine Race Report-nothing positive comments!

1. Each athlete is treated as an athlete and not just a registration number. Rev3 employees call you before your race to see if you have any questions and if they can help with anything…seriously, talk about class!


2. Its not just about the athlete at the races but the whole support crew. Traveling with family and friends to races can be fun but nerve wracking as well because we as athletes can be so focused on the rest and race prior to that the family is left to their own devices in the days leading up to the race. Rev3 hosts their races in places that have lots of activities, hotels and restaurants to partake in. Kids are well taken care of with free bounce houses and a special Glow Run that you can do as a family plus movie nights!

3. Every detail is accounted for and thought of. From your rack thats not just metal poles to the race schwag to free finish line photos and the awesome volunteers everything is taken care of.


4. Running down the finish line chute with your kid, dog or family/friend! No other large race series allows this and what makes a Rev3 race special!


5. Nice, accommodating staff members. Everyone is in a good mood and take the time to answer questions and trust me we as athletes have a lot of questions! The staff is truly happy to put on the event and welcome athletes. Its not a traveling money maker as some other races have become.

6. Best post-race food hands down! When I did Rev3 Maine in August, I enjoyed the best food ever! And not only did I enjoy the food afterwards but I did so while recovering in a free session of Compex recovery boots! Talk about Royalty!



7. Charity. Rev3 Triathlon has done Run Across America to raise money for the Ulman Cancer Fund. They also support local charities wherever they host races.

8. Awesome sponsors. Rev3 has connected with SBR Sports, the makers of TriSlide, Foggle, and SBR Swim Shampoo, Pearl Izumi, Compex-NormaTec, Biotta Beet Juice, Headsweats, FuelBelt, PowerBar, Quinta Roo, Blueseventy and many more great brands. Several of these brands are now sold at KickStart Endurance and its mostly because of my experience with the products through Rev3 sponsorship.

Sporting Rev3 Headsweats Visor at Saturday's 10k

Sporting Rev3 Headsweats Visor at Saturday’s 10k

Rev3 Triathlon embodies the sport of triathlon by supporting community, friendship and sport all in one race. I fell in love with this sport for these reasons which is why I would be so honored to become a member of the Rev3 triathlon and spread the goodness that is a Rev3 race!

Please help support my bid by liking this blog post and sharing on Rev3’s facebook page how you support me becoming a team member! Team Rev3 Facebook Page Rev3 Triathlon Facebook Page



  1. Thank you for the amazing sentiments! It’s good to know that the athletes are seeing our reason for doing what we do. We love to be there to see EVERYONE succeed and cross that finish line! Good luck on your team selection!

  2. yes yes and yes!! Rev3 Rocks and there are soooo many more reasons why I am honored to be on the team!! Best wishes in your application to the team–I am GLAD that I don’t have to make this very hard decision.

    Im from Maine and not to be partial, I LOVE THE Rev3 Maine race! So much fun and such a great vibe!! See you in 2014!!

    Jen Small
    Team Rev3

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