Halloween Half Marathon Pre-Race

The Beacon-Our Hotel

I had been looking forward to this race for sometime mostly because it was halloween themed and was a nice change in costume from “runner” to “overly accessorized, themed-out runner”. It was fun thinking of different costume ideas and putting things together but it was difficult too because you had to think about certain things since this was a half marathon and not just a 5k.

1. Will I be too hot in this? There had to be some breathability in the costume as running for 2 hours in latex was not a wise decision no matter how much of the material is found in South Beach.

2. Is everything that needs to be covered, covered and will stay covered? Yes, halloween is known as the holiday where women can dress skimpily as possible and go out in public without to much, ahem, criticism but I didn’t want to be running and jiggling and what not inappropriately.

3. Does the costume make sense? Sure, some costumes scream what they are while others are less obvious and may need some speaking involved to explain themselves. Well, I wouldn’t be holding too many conversations so if my costume wasn’t very obvious then that wouldn’t be too much fun.

4. Will I regret the purchase price when the credit card bill arrives? It is very easy to go overboard when planning a costume or theme party so I didn’t want to spend too much money on something I was likely to not wear again should it survive the 2 hours of sweat, salt and sand from Miami.

With all of these things in mind, I finally settled on being a skeleton, something that was easily identifiable and would allow me to wear a tank top and my running sneakers without being uncomfortable.

1382438_10100204294384393_377463317_nSkeleton tank top came from the Etsy Shop Couth Clothing

Skeleton over the knee socks from Fenvy on Amazon

Skeleton bandana from Hoo Rag, a new brand I’m going to be carrying at KickStart Endurance and they’re based here in Vero!

Temporary tattos from Tattify.com Very realistic, black ink temporary tattoos from LA. Very cool site.

Skeleton nails from Jamberry I love this nail art website, no painting required! Just heating and applying with tons of designs to choose from and even the ability to upload your own art (Ironman logo for IMLP?!)

I used my own black shorts and of course my Pearl Izumi running shoes.

Final result….


547215_10100204764666943_108159081_nOn to the trip to Miami.

My mom and I headed south Friday afternoon, allowing us sometime in South Beach. We walked around from our hotel as we were staying right on Ocean Ave so that she could be at the race route very easily and I could get to the finish line in the morning to pick up the bus to the start line (point to point race).

The Beacon-Our Hotel

The Beacon-Our Hotel

Great spectators

Great spectators


The wind was whipping but the temperature was pleasant and the people watching excellent. We had an early dinner which may come into play the next day and headed home early. Of course it took me awhile to get everything prepared for the morning but I enjoy the night before a race ritual, setting everything out, making sure things are where they are supposed to be and of course, eating my pre-race routine Reeses. With everything laid out, muscles rolled with my Trigger Point Therapy ball and the alarm set, I fell asleep relatively easily.

To be continued….




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