Wanna Be a Spartan for a Day?

My business, KickStart Endurance, has a FREE entry into any Spartan Race that is open for the 2013-2014 season. Yup, thats right, a free entry and all you need to do is provide your name and email address and we will randomly draw a winner!

logo5Now I haven’t done a Spartan Race, yet, but I definitely plan on it! These races have always intrigued me but have typically fallen during important training time for triathlons so I was leery of trying them out in fear of rolling an ankle or something similar. There is a sprint race in Tampa in February so I may just have to keep that in mind!

What’s even cooler is that NBC Sports has recognized how important alternative sports have become to the general consumer. So much so that they are airing the Spartan Race World Championship LIVE on Saturday, October 19. Pretty sweet stuff. Now if only Kona wasn’t 8 hours long, we could have live triathlon also!

Here’s a little pump up video to get you in the Spartan mood

So if you don’t win the free entry, here’s a link that will save you 15%! http://bit.ly/spartanwarrior

Sign up now and win! (click the picture also)





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