Week 1 and 2 of Jacksonville Bank Marathon Training

I’ve been running since 2009 but until this year, I had no desire to run a marathon. Actually I’m not sure how much of a “true desire” I have to run one this year but its more of mental training for my upcoming Ironman. I want to know how my body reacts after 18 miles, what nutrition works well, what it feels like to go further than I have before without worrying about swimming and biking before hand.

This marathon, the Jacksonville Bank, is on December 29 and is just one of the stepping stones towards becoming an Ironman. Now its been said a lot that you do not need to do a full marathon before Ironman and I agree. I’m taking this on as my winter challenge to stay motivated, fit and healthy, both mentally and physically.

I’m working with a great coach, Justin Gillette of Gillette Running. Justin is currently 5th in the world for marathon wins and will easily surpass the other four people as he is much younger then them. We’ve been speaking for quite a while now so I’m excited to see how this season unfolds. I have goals but am not ready to commit them to paper just yet so as we get closer I may share them.

Week 1

The training week started on Wednesday, September 4 with a progressive tempo run of sorts.


10 min warm up, 5 minutes hard, 1 minute easy, 4 min hard, 1 easy, 3 min hard, 1 min easy, 2 min hard, 1 min easy, 1 min hard, 1 min easy, 10 min cool down for a total of 40 minutes and 4.24 miles of running. Towards the end of the easy segments I had to walk. I’m looking forward to doing this workout later to see my progression.

Friday: easy 3 miles

Saturday: 2.5 mile warm up, 3.43 Tunnel to Towers run (2nd place AG), 1.5 mile cool down

Tunnel to Towers

Tunnel to Towers

Getting my 2nd place medal. Random girl who got 3rd came up too early and had to awkwardly stand there lol

Getting my 2nd place medal. Random girl who got 3rd came up too early and had to awkwardly stand there lol

Post race with Stacy's fireman gear. Over 100 firemen and SWAT team members did the race in full gear! That was no light task

Post race with Stacy’s fireman gear. Over 100 firemen and SWAT team members did the race in full gear! That was no light task


Sunday: Raced on a relay team for the Patriot 9.11 race. 49 miles on the bike, averaging 19 mph. I was hurting after this one!!

1st place relay team!

1st place relay team!

Total running: 13.75 miles

Week 2

Monday: Rest Day!


5.5 miles at easy pace (moved from Monday)


5 mile run-1 mile warm up, 3 miles of 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy alternating, 1 mile cool down

I had some trouble pacing the hard/easy segments as I would go too hard and therefore had to go too easy and also started to get some chills at mile 3 but was happy to see my results.

The 3 mile timed was 25:27, about 20 seconds from my 5k PR so that was good!

Thursday: bad weather all day, rest day

Friday: 3.4 mile run

Saturday: 9 miles with varying paces and distances. 1:28 total time. Went to Jungle Trail for the first time in a long time to do this and forgot how much slower the dirt makes you. My achilles have been sore so that didn’t help either. Even though I started about 6:45am the humidity was 100% which made it feel like there was an elephant sitting on my chest the first couple of miles. This was a good mental run as it certainly was not my best run but I got through it.

A lil blurry but taken on Jungle Trail

A lil blurry but taken on Jungle Trail

Sunday: 32 mile bike ride, averaged around 18.5 mph. We went south from my neighborhood and was met on the drawbridge by very ominous looking clouds to the south of us. We made it to A1A and then heard thunder so we booked it north trying to out ride it. As we got over the last bridge to Vero mainland, it was really getting dark and windy so we picked it up even more and cruised home just before the rain and lightning started.

Sweet nutrition on display!

Sweet nutrition on display!

Looking to the south from the draw bridge in Fort Pierce

Looking to the south from the draw bridge in Fort Pierce


I checked the radar before the ride but of course there was nothing on it!

Total run mileage: 22.9 miles

This week will be a little different as I’m headed to Vegas for Interbike! Interbike is the largest bicycle industry show and is the place to connect with brands and reps. Its being held at Mandalay Bay this year and has so many exciting features and things going on. I’m jamming a lot into two days there but I’m excited to run and hopefully swim some prior to my daily activities. Of course with traveling means moving around some workouts. Since my flight leaves at 7am on Wednesday and the airport is 2 hours away, I’m moving my Wednesday speed session to Thursday and into the desert! I’ll do my optional Friday/Sunday run before I leave for the airport on Friday morning.

I’ll come back Friday night and have a nice 12 mile run waiting for me on Saturday 🙂 Justin says I can split up Saturday’s run but knowing how hot and humid it still is here, I have a feeling that the whole thing will get knocked out at once.

Sunday will be a great rest and laundry day! Which by the way is seriously NEVER ENDING! I can’t keep up with all of it. After my 5 mile run this morning, I came home absolutely drenched, like I had showered with my clothes on. Yesterday was the same thing from the bike only with a lot of dirt on my legs as well. Clothes are being hung wherever they can be to dry off before going in the hamper, the garage, the laundry room, door knobs, the bathroom, seriously there are clothes everywhere!

Maybe its time to hire a maid oh wait I haven’t even made it to Ironman training yet, guess I better figure this laundry business out!

il_570xN.232251174I think I’m going to get this to put up in the laundry room. That is once the lovely, floral wall paper comes down!



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