My Birthday Wish

Today is my birthday! Woot woot. Not that I had anything to actually do with it but nevertheless its a great excuse to eat what you want, do (mostly) what you want and have a good day. download


This morning I sent an email out to family and friends asking for their support. It is my birthday wish that you consider donating, even $1, to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. My goal is to raise over $5,000 and I am really hoping to blow the doors off of that number!

Myeloma or cancer of the blood, has one of the lowest rates of survival amongst all cancers. Sadly, my grandfather passed away at a young age from myeloma which is why I am fundraising and training in his memory. Each one of us has been affected by cancer so I hope you will consider supporting this important cause as the MMRF works tirelessly to provide money for research and programming so that new treatments can become available and quality of life can improve.

Some of you who read this blog received my email and I know you will be supporting me not only fiscally but also just as importantly emotionally over these next 12 months as my training is starting already. I want to have a strong base going into February so I can literally be at my peak come July 27.

I have also created a website specifically for the fundraising and events that will be going on this year called “Miles for Myeloma”. I hope you will check it out and learn more!

The hotel rooms are booked already, I’m working out with the goal of IMLP, and the fundraising has commenced. Come join me! 



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