Fundraising Info for MMF and Ironman Lake Placid

Yesterday I wrote a post about going to Lake Placid this time next year and why I’m doing it. Now there is a page dedicated to my fundraising efforts on this blog as well as the actual fundraising tool page through MMF and

There are different levels of giving and I have associated each level with a level of a triathlon race.

  • “Sprint Option” Donate $1.00-99.00receive a 15% off card to KickStart Endurance
  • “Olympic Option” Donate $100-249-receive 15% discount card and promotional goody (water bottle, koozie, etc.)
  • “Half-Ironman Option” Donate $250-499-everything above plus inclusion as a sponsor for fundraising events-Yoga events, Cycling events, etc.
  • “Ironman Option” Donate $500 or more-not only are you awesome but you’ll be included on the 2014 KickStart Endurance triathlon kit as a proud partner.

There are different incentives for each level as every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated it! Of course I will be posting about my training and racing like always but will also provide updates on fundraising and different events I will hold to raise funds. I do plan on figuring out a way to “carry” names of those affected by blood cancer with me during the race and will keep you apprised of this.

Click here to go to the fundraising blog page

I’m ready to donate now!!

If you are so moved to do so, please feel free to share this blog post and links with others who care to support cancer research funding. You can also follow “Running with Memphis” on Facebook! 

Thank you!!


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