June Monthly Totals-Its a Tri-Ing Life!

Since I’m now in the meat of my training for the year, I thought it would be interesting to look at monthly totals going forward. I know these aren’t completely accurate as sometimes I swim or run without my watch but nonetheless are pretty close. A lot of triathletes do this and I always find it surprising how much (or sometimes how little) we put into this sport.

These numbers will only go up from here. June 1 marked day 1 of my Augusta 70.3 training plan. While I didn’t hit every workout, I tried to and will make sure I try better going forward. Sometimes though, the weather just does not cooperate and scheduling doesn’t work so you have to adapt and do other things.

June Totals

Swim: 8 miles

10 workouts

Bike: 208 miles

10 workouts

Run: 50 miles

10 workouts

Total miles swam, biked and ran: 266 miles

Races in June:

  • Masters of all Terrain Off Road Half Marathon (really 13.7 miles) Race Report
  • Singer Island Sprint Triathlon-Race Report
My new friend Paul and I headed off of the bridge at the Singer Island Sprint

My new friend Paul and I headed off of the bridge at the Singer Island Sprint


So how did I do?!

Up next on deck for July is my longest race to date: the long course option at the Patriot 9.11 series: .911 mile swim, 49.11 mile bike, 9.11 run.

I was thinking about doing a sprint in Jacksonville (BFAS #3) next Saturday but I’ve decided its too soon after the Patriot so I’ve crossed it off the list. As of right now, I don’t have any other races for July planned (note the word planned!).

In August, I’ll be racing Loggerhead Sprint just south of here and then will be traveling to Maine! I’ll be doing the Maine Rev3 Olympic Tri!


I’m so excited for this race for a couple of reasons

1. I get to stay with my good friend Anna and her daughter Ava.

2. We get to celebrate our birthdays together

3. Its my first Rev3 race! Super excited to try Rev3 as I’ve heard great things.

4. I love Maine especially late in the summer

5. This race has been on my list since last year but it didn’t work out last year

Soon, I’ll share some more exciting news on the triathlon front but for now, you’ll have to settle for this!

Happy Independence Day!



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  1. Looks like a pretty good month of workouts… Also thanks for sharing the Patriot 9.11 race details, this sounds like a really great race with some fun distances to try and finish. I’ve definitely go it on my list to look into for next season.

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