Oh how things change…

I thought about my title quite a bit last week when I would notice how I look at things differently now than when I was younger. You’re probably saying, “well of course you do, you’re not a kid any more”. Well sure but I still find these things amusing.

1. Before: “Why are these people constantly swimming laps where I want to play?! I don’t understand why they swim up and down and up and down, don’t they get bored!”

photo (33)Now: “Isn’t it time for the kids to go home? I have a workout to get in!”

2. Before: “Oh man, there are no waves! I brought my boogie board and now I have nothing to do at the beach!”

photo (34)Now: “Wow, look how calm the water is, its perfect for an open water swim!”

3. Before: While observing someone in a full bike outfit with bike shoes and helmet on “Seriously, why are you dressed like that? Don’t you have sandals you can put on and why don’t you take the helmet off dude.”

IMG_8606Now: “Does this kit make me more aerodynamic?” “I’m just going to run into the store real quick, no will notice.”

4. Before: “Knee high socks are for old people, where are my no-show socks, I can’t be seen in anything else!”

154099_359803610793918_1251300905_nNow: “Oh thank God for my compression socks otherwise I might cramp up during kickball.”

5. Before: “Its Sunday. We should be out shopping or going to the movies, not pulling weeds!”

photo (35)Now: “Hey its Sunday! I have time to plant some plants, clean the gutters and even get some laundry done. I can’t believe I’m able to do all this in one day!”

Clearly my perspective has changed on certain things but I’m proud to say that I still play a lot and have fun, its called triathlon!

Week 1 of Ironman Augusta 70.3 Training

Monday: 75 minute run, 9:44/mile pace, 7.58 miles

Swim: 1000 yards

Tuesday: Ride 49 minutes

Wednesday: Run, 34:09, 3.52 miles

Swim: 1150 yards

Thursday: Bike test, 1:34, 28.49 miles

Friday: Swim test, 2000 yards

Saturday: Ride 2:10, 37.18 miles

Run 30:26, 3.28 miles

Sunday: Rest Day! Golf with dad for Father’s Day



Swim: 4,150 yards

Bike: 65.67 miles

Run: 14.38 miles









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