Don’t Just Slap Some Pink On It

Caution: Rant Post! 

I just received an email from a well known hat distributor replying to my email about their hats and sizing. Typically, they are one size fits all but on the website they do say they have adjustable ones so I asked about the adjustable ones as should I get these hats for my business, I would not be able to wear my own hat as I have a very small head. Yes, go ahead, laugh all you want and make jokes about how small my brain is etc. etc.  I have heard them all before from my loving family but in all actuality this is obviously a concern since I’m not going to pay money for something I can’t even wear! 

The company replied with (paraphrasing) “we do offer a smaller size hat that comes in hot pink, soft pink and purple. The regular colors come in the regular size. Hope this helps.” NO, clearly it DOES NOT help! I have a brand to well brand! I need my colors not some made up “girl” colors. 

The whole idea of making a product “women’s specific” by slapping some pink or purple on something doesn’t fly in my book. Never has and never will. This is used to be a more frequent thing until the clothing and sports industries wised up and created more feminine designs while not necessarily making things “too girly”. Just because we are female doesn’t mean we want whatever we wear to scream “I’m a girl!” Duh, we already know that! 

Recently, I went on a triathlon bike hunt as you know. I drove 2.5 hours to Miami to look at bikes. After the first place didn’t work out, I went to the largest bike shop I have ever been to. It was awesome but of course the bike in my size, price range and brand was a leftover 2011 Quintana-Roo ladies bike. Here’s the problem: 



Its PINK and CAMO! Camo seriously? Are we riding through the woods hunting ducks and passing trees with pink moss hanging on them?! (Sorry if you own this bike, only a very specific customer can pull this one off). I had a hard time with this decision because I know the bike itself is a good bike and it was at a very good price but I kept telling myself, “You cannot ride a pink bike! Nothing you own sports wise is pink and you’ll have to look at the damn thing everyday!” Hence why I went with the Felt DA4! 

The golf industry has been notorious for cutting down men’s items and making them pink to appeal to women. For the longest time I couldn’t find suitable clothing to wear golfing and became frustrated with the lack of options. Luckily, younger women started to join the LPGA and brands took notice of them and started to actually listen to them and their desires. THANK GOODNESS! 

Two triathlon clothing brands I have not tried yet but really want to (If someone from these brands reads this, I’m all for a product review!) are Betty Designs and Soas Racing. Both are unique and designed by women for women without being overly “woman-ly”. I would probably be wearing a SOAS racing kit this season if I wasn’t wearing my own company’s kit…maybe there’s a collaboration to be had?!

Betty Style

Betty Designs

Betty Ad 





I’m glad someone has gotten it right! Now we just got to get the male population of designers to understand this when they design this for us….yeah right good luck! Thanks for reading my rant. 


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  1. You are so right to rant and want/demand chance…. I am happy to see that women’s sports gear is no longer just small sizes of the men’s gear but although I do like pink (more the message of BC awareness than the color) it is nice to find women specific gear in ALL colors!

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