100th Post and Re-Blogging

According to WordPress, this is my 100th post! Yippee!

While I did race this past Sunday at a local, first-time triathlon, I do not plan on doing a race recap. While overall, I had a good race, there were so many issues that I am not going to publicly voice my thoughts here.

I am racing this Saturday at the Masters of All Terrain 1/2 marathon in Mt. Dora, FL! This will be my third half marathon and my first off road one. I have done a 12k previously in Jacksonville so I’m excited to try my hand at the longer distance. I’m racing with my sister and brother in law so I’m looking forward to seeing them cross the finish line and then enjoy the post-race festivities.

Yesterday, two bloggers wrote some great posts about myself and my business KickStart Endurance. I wanted to share them here as I know some of my readers are intrigued with the entrepreneurial lifestyle I have jumped into.

The first post comes from Cortney at Cort the Sport who also recently made a major career change and is working in the sports marketing field now. She is a team member of the Endurance Films race team and even represented Team USA last year in Auckland, Australia at the ITU World Championships.

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 3.56.23 PM

The second post is from Kurt at Becoming an Ironman. Kurt started his Ironman journey in 2011 after having a strong background in swimming and running. He is a certified NASM personal trainer and RRCA certified running coach who previously had his sights set on biomedical sciences!

He will start to post his reviews of the actual products I sent after his race this Sunday at Rev3 Quassy because as any good tells you, you don’t do anything new before race day!

Check out Kurt’s blog and his post regarding KickStart Endurance. 

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 3.42.12 PM

I hope you enjoy following their blogs and learning more about us and how I got to where I am currently. Be on the look out for a race report following Saturday’s half marathon.

Happy Trails!


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