Its Amazing What One Day Can Do

If you read my last post about the LLS Conquistadores Sprint Triathlon, you learned how tired I was heading into the race. Well that tiredness became zombie-ness (is that a word) on Wednesday when I tried to run for 60 minutes (made it 20 minutes before my stomach gave out) and a whopping 500 meters in the pool before I threw in the towel and gave into what my body was telling me. 

Sometimes you just have to listen to your body and ignore what your training schedule has to say. After all, only you can decipher what your body is telling you and believe me, I have a hard doing so sometimes! 


Since Wednesday’s workout was such a bust post a good 8 mile run on Tuesday, I switched my rest day to yesterday from today. It was the best decision I have made this week (training wise). I was able to sleep in til 8 am, catch up with some friends and give myself a break, both mentally and physically. 

Today I felt refreshed and was up for my swim of 1500 meters before work. Once I shut down at work I’ll head out for a 60 minute run. Hopefully it’ll be cooler by then! 

I have the PaTRIot 9.11 series sprint triathlon this Sunday. The series is military themed hence its timing with Memorial Day weekend. Tomorrow I will hop on the bike to see if I can get comfortable and to just keep my legs loose. May get in a short swim as well. Otherwise, I will relax and put my feet up. 


I’m hoping to have a better race Sunday and to properly recover as I have a half marathon the following Saturday! Phew I’m tired just typing this all out! 

Lesson Learned: listen to your body and stop when it tells you to stop. Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! Please take a second to remember all of those men and women have served our country so we can remain free! 

American Troops Cemetery in Normandy, France

American Troops Cemetery in Normandy, France


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