Um, yeah….

So…um…yeah about….(In Lumbergh’s voice from Office Space)

This pretty much sums up my past two weeks.

“Um, Yeah about WOD 13.2, you’re not going to be able to do it because your knee is messed up.”

“Um, yeah about trying for your 130 lb. clean and jerk PR before the deadline, not gonna happen.”

“Um, yeah about getting back on the Paleo track and losing some lbs., not so much.”



When I posted last week about 13.2 I had ice on my knee, hoping it was just swollen from doing a workout and painting all day (which also meant squats). Not the case unfortunately. It remained swollen until about Saturday and still hurts with reduced ROM (range of motion for you who don’t know what I’m talking about).

I had to pull out of WOD 13.2 which means I am now out of the Games Open entirely which I can’t say I’m too sad about now after seeing 13.3 get posted last night.


75 double unders – this would take almost the whole time anyways

30 muscle ups – “um, yeah, you don’t have to worry about not being able to do a muscle up because you won’t even reach this workout.”

Haha, again, not sad at all!

While on the couch though yesterday, I had a chance to catch up on some blogs since I wasn’t good for much else besides resting (which I did need to do). In catching up on blogs, I really started to miss triathlon and racing which made me then realize that I have my first triathlon of the season May 5, just a short 43 days away! I’m doing the Rocketman Triathlon, the first and probably only private sporting event held at Cape Canaveral. Guess I better get in the pool and on the bike!

Shortly after that, there is the local Conquistadores triathlon so I better be doing that as well. In thinking about racing, the itch to re-conquer a 70.3 came back, hard. Once I have the store open and my routine is flowing, I can get my butt out of bed and to the pool/road/gym to train.

I’m thinking doing one of the following:

Rev3 Florida – 3 hours away, across the state with a brand of racing that I really want to try


Ironman Augusta 70.3 – even though I have my qualms about Ironman, this race has a one way, down river swim which is perfect for my weakest skill, the swim! This race is known to be hot, hot, hot and is a lot further away

Ironman Miami 70.3– Probably third on the list as its in Miami (not my favorite destination) and is an Ironman branded event

Any suggestions/tips/other races in the Florida/Georgia region for the fall season you think I should consider??

Tomorrow I’m heading up to Ocala National Forest where I will be an expo vendor at the HITS Ocala Triathlon weekend. I did the sprint race last year and had a really good time. I know lots of people who are going to be there especially two of three of the KickStart Endurance ambassadors so its going to be a fun weekend. I wish I was feeling 100% but I am getting better each day and now just have a bad voice and cough sometimes.

Once I get through this weekend and another expo type event Monday here in Vero, it’ll be back to finishing out the store and hopefully back to the gym/running as I miss my endorphins and training time.

Um, yeah, wash your hands and sneeze into your elbow folks!



  1. Augusta was an awesome race! it was my first 70.3 and I really loved it. Fast swim (with the current) and nice easy rolling hills on the bike and completely flat run. It can be hot (high 80’s when I did it) but last year and the year before I did it, the weather was perfect!

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