Rock On 13.2

Tonight, CrossFit HQ announced WOD 13.2! Here it is:

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 10.05.37 PM

I am very excited to do this workout. I like the movements, weights and time frame. I watched the live head to head workout of Lindsey Valenzeula and reigning 2x champ Annie Thorisdottir. Annie started to chip away and built a lead on Lindsey pretty early on. Annie totaled 361 reps and Lindsey got 335! Madness!

Mentally, I’m comparing this workout to the deadlift WOD 2 of Boy Girl as we did a 10 minute AMRAP of deadlifts at 95 lbs and rowing. I completed over 100 deadlifts at 20 lbs more than what is stated above. The shoulder press of 75 lbs. is a strength of mine. It is the box jumps that may get me winded and slow me down. They are allowing step ups so you don’t have to jump with both feet but I will only go to that method as a back up. I do plan on practicing box jumps either tomorrow or Friday and do the WOD on Saturday. Fingers crossed!!

Monday WOD:

7 minute AMRAP

  • 9 toes to bars (ugh)
  • 6 hang cleans (75 lbs)
  • 3 thrusters (75 lbs) (front squat to full press)

4 + something (I think)

Tuesday WOD:

AMRAP in 10 minutes

  • 30 box jumps over the box
  • 25 overhead squats (55 lbs)
  • 10 bar muscle ups

2 full rounds

Wednesday Speedwork with the Sunrunners:

1/2 mile warm up

2 sets of (3) 1/2 mile repeats in descending time

1 mile cool down

Total: 4.5 miles

Athlete Problems

Athlete Problems

This is the current situation of my bathroom. Clearly this doesn’t even show my bedroom and the clothes Memphis has stolen and taken hostage under the bed. I really need to do laundry but between workouts and actual work, I’m flying through clothes and haven’t had time to catch up! Someone want to hire a maid for me?!

Memphis has been a better pup recently (knock on wood). I took him and Obie to the park on Sunday and let him play in the water and of course roll in the dirt afterwards. Both dogs had a blast as the weather was great, there were other friendly dogs and the river felt cool.

Obie loves the cool sand

Obie loves the cool sand


After the disappointing 13.1 WOD on Saturday, my dad and I went to Vero’s largest art show, Under the Oaks. This show has been going on for decades and attracts artists from all over and usually has a waiting list to get in. My dad collects awesome black and white prints and has them on display in his office’s conference room. I have since started my own collection so of course we were looking for black and white photography but also just great art in general that we knew stood out.

I ended up with 4 pieces, three of which are below:

The artist said the pelican was sleeping and called out to him which resulted in this photo. From afar, it looks like a wave which is what I originally thought it was. Taken in Tampa

The artist said the pelican was sleeping and called out to him which resulted in this photo. From afar, it looks like a wave which is what I originally thought it was. Taken in Tampa



The pictures above are black and white photos which were hand colored in pencil. The church on the left is the Sacre-Coeur which is located at the top of Montemarte. Dad and I climbed to the top this past summer. This is a different perspective to see the church from. I almost didn’t recognize it at first as its from the bottom of a giant set of stairs.

The second photo is of a woman who was visiting her husband’s grave site in Autumn. The grave sites of Europe are just unreal and I actually really like to explore cemeteries. The cool part about this photo is the spookiness it gives off while being beautiful at the same time; kind of like Paris at times.

I love all of the prints we got Saturday. When we get a print like these, there is always a significance behind them. They may be a place we visited, a well known landmark in Florida or just a unique photo that makes you stop and look at it.

See I’m not all about sports! I hope you enjoy the art as much as I do; the photos don’t serve the real photos justice.

WOD On-Rock On

WOD On-Rock On (not me)


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