The Victim was found at the Scene of the Crime and other happenings

The victim (sock) at the scene of the crime

Sorry its been longer than it should have been for writing a new post but this whole starting a business thing has kept me busy! 🙂 Speaking of which, here are the paint colors and tiles I’m going with…thoughts?!


Tile will cover the entire register counter

Tile will cover the entire register counter

Two weeks ago I participated in the Sunrunners 35th Annual 10k. I placed 4th in my age group and was happy with my time and pace (56:26 and 9:06/mile) respectively. This was a week after the Boy Girl Intense CrossFit competition and my legs were definitely not 100% but it was a cloudy, beautiful morning so I was happy to just be participating.

Hammin' it up

Hammin’ it up

We had several members of CrossFit Vero Beach participate as well, both as individuals and relay teams. Everyone rocked it out.

CrossFit Vero Beach at Sunrunners 10k

CrossFit Vero Beach at Sunrunners 10k

My friend Meredith of justanordinarygirlinfl came up from Jupiter to run the 10k. She did great and has already registered for her second half marathon of the year after just getting started in the sport several months ago. Check out her blog as she tries new fitness regimes, talks golf and other fun things.

Since the 10k, I’ve been busy with getting the retail store open, updating the online store and participating in networking events and what not to spread the word of KickStart Endurance.

Yesterday, I participated in my first workout of the CrossFit Games, WOD 13.1. Here’s the beast of the workout:

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 1.16.52 PM

I watched several videos online to see what the pros did as they progressed throughout the workout. Obviously I was trying to gleam any tricks of the trade to make this manageable but really, other than pacing yourself and keeping movements smooth, I couldn’t take away much other than it was going to hurt no matter what!

As a warm up the day before, I timed myself doing the first 40 burpees. I finished in just over 3 minutes and was relentlessly out of breath! When I awoke yesterday morning, both of my knees were screaming at me as they had been most of the week and my left shoulder was still giving me trouble. To be honest, I haven’t felt 100% since the Boy Girl Competition, rather more like 80 or 85% and having these aches didn’t help. I went to the gym feeling unsure of how I was going to do but also with a goal of getting into the 130’s and getting through the second set of snatches.

What I failed to recognize though was two things:

1. Just how much I haven’t fully recovered

2. 75 lbs is just 10 lbs. from my max snatch of 85 lbs and doing that weight 30 times would be difficult even without having done 70 burpess before hand and 30 snatches at 45 lbs.

I finished the workout at 109 reps and disappointed. It took me several hours to process things and come to the realization that I need to work on my snatch movement, buy lifting shoes (why I think my knees are hurting-my weight has been on my toes instead of my heals, pushing my knees way over my feet) and move mentally to 13.2.

Whats great about the Open is that anyone from around the world can compete and post their scores. They make it so that you can video tape yourself and have someone else present to submit your score. After looking at the scores, mine fell in the middle of the pack and many people had to post 100 reps because they just couldn’t do the 75 lb. snatch movement.

CrossFit HQ will announce 13.2 Wednesday evening and will continue to do so for the next 4 weeks. Here’s to a better 13.2!

On the triathlon front, KickStart Endurance will be at HITS Ocala in two weeks as an expo vendor. What makes this weekend great though, is that two of three KSE Ambassadors will be racing as well as some other locals. I can’t wait to see how Nick and Stephen do. Nick posted in the top 10% of the field yesterday at the Gate River Run in Jax and Stephen has been training hard in the blustery conditions we’ve been having so its gonna be fun!

On May 4-5, we’ll be up at Kennedy Space Center for the first-ever Rocketman Triathlon and the first sporting event ever held there! I’ll be doing the sprint tri (just couldn’t pass up being part of history) so I need to get back in the pool and back on the bike relatively soon. This race is already 80% full and has been named one of the top new races in the country this year so if you’re on the fence, you better sign up soon!

Thats as far as I’ve made it race and competition wise with planning but as the store opens and my schedule irons out, I will add another event or two to the calendar.

One last thing before  I sign off. Memphis has taken his sock stealing ways to a whole new level recently. While I was in the shower last week, I heard a loud crash. I immediately jumped out of the shower to find this

The victim (sock) at the scene of the crime

The victim (sock) at the scene of the crime

In my bathroom there is a quarter wall by the tub. I put my freshly used socks up there so Memphis would stay away (wishful thinking). During my shower, he got up on the step and onto his hind legs and pulled both socks down proceeding to knock over a glass candle vase my parents had given me this past Christmas.

When I jumped out of the shower, I had to shoo away the little booger so he wouldn’t step on the glass, remove the glass that made it into the bedroom, cross back over without stabbing myself, and finish my shower with the lasting image of Memphis looking back at me over his shoulder with the other orange sock in his mouth somewhat mockingly. He stayed under the bed quite sometime as he knew he was in trouble.

I was not a happy puppy mom and had to clean everything up and throw it all away without slipping and puncturing myself (the floor was soaked from having gotten out). Oh the adventures of owning a sock loving dog!

Hope everyone had a great week; I’m resolving to post more often. That is once I get my internet back up and working at my house; I’m writing this from Panera as my internet crapped out on Friday. Happy Sunday!

PS If you haven’t checked out Dogshaming, heres one to give you an idea of the website, they’re great!

Obviously not Memphis but a fellow sock stealer dog

Obviously not Memphis but a fellow sock stealer dog


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