Boy Girl CrossFit Competition

CrossFit Vero Beach at the BGI CrossFit Competition

A week ago yesterday (Sunday, February 17) I competed in my first-ever CrossFit competition! It was a long day, we left Vero at 5:30 am and rolled back in around 9:30 pm. We (Greg and I) completed 3 WODs (workout of the day) and cheered our fellow competitors on.

WOD food: sweet potato hash, onions, peppers, apples, zucchini

WOD food: sweet potato hash, onions, peppers, apples, zucchini

We had a large group travel to this event which was great. It was very nice to have support both during and after each WOD.

CrossFit Vero Beach at the BGI CrossFit Competition

CrossFit Vero Beach at the BGI CrossFit Competition

So here we go with the killer WOD schedule!



12 minute cap

1 partner does the workout while the other partner carries a kettlebell and plate 100 meters around the competition floor. The number of reps could be split up by the partners however you wanted.

80 pull ups (partner assisted allowed)

80 burpees to plate

80 single arm kettle bell swings

80 box jumps

We weren’t even able to make it to the box jumps! The majority of teams didn’t. 16th/30 teams


1 partner rows on the rowing machine while the other performs a lift. Women performed dead lifts at 95 lbs. and men performed clean and jerks at 135 lbs.

8 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

WOD 2 was scored separately.


We completed 1917 meters on the row. 7th/30th


Total of 163 lifts.

When we figured out our totals, I did around 110 dead lifts! Greg was a rowing machine. We only transitioned twice and we did it very quickly.

WOD 3-12 minute cap

25 hand release pushups (other partner holds a plank)

50 wall balls over the pull up bars

75 partner front squats with 95 lbs. (I thought I wasn’t going to make it through these!)

100 lateral jumps over your partner

100 meter wheel barrel walk

We almost completed this WOD! Our judge screwed us over and said no rep about 5 times on Greg’s push ups which was ridiculous and ultimately cost us.

Lateral Partner Jumps

Lateral Partner Jumps

No Rep!

No Rep!

We finished 14/30 and ultimately tied a fellow Vero team for 13th place overall.


Figuring out strategy

Figuring out strategy

This event left me wanting to compete more but it also left me very sore!! I was sore all last week and even had bad swelling in my arms. I was able to play kickball Friday night and run in the Sunrunners 10k yesterday (race report coming).

I signed up for the CrossFit Open which will start next week. Basically, the Open is literally open to anyone who wants to see how they measure up against other CrossFitters, compete and advance to Regionals and the CrossFit Games. While I am no where near qualifying for Regionals, I am looking forward to competing each week and seeing where I measure up. You can submit your scores to CrossFit HQ two ways: complete the WOD in the presence of a certified coach or video tape your entire WOD and submit it. These methods allow anyone around the world to compete and move on to regionals.

More posts to come on this new challenge!



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