Proud of Meredith for getting up super early to come run the 10k with me this morning! Check out the goodies she got too! CrossFit comp report and 10k race report coming.


Today I ran in the 35th Annual Sunrunners 10K up in Vero Beach! The morning was humid and then super hot once the sun came out, but the route was pretty, especially when we ran along the ocean.

I’ve only been running about once a week for the past month, so I wasn’t sure how the race was going to go, but I did really well! I finished my first mile in under 11 minutes, and was able to stay just under a 12 minute pace for the full 6.2 miles! I’ve never run a 10K before today, but it really is my best time yet.

photo-11After the race I got to check out KickStart Endurance and all of their products! I’m still very new to the running world and Jaclyn was able to explain all of the products to me, what they did, why I needed them, and when…

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