30 Day Paleo Challenge Results

Well I made it through the whole 30 days! While I didn’t win the actual challenge at the box, I am very happy with the results and have decided to keep it going for another 30 days. I will add alcohol (in moderation) and chocolate back into my diet. I need chocolate!!

So here are the comparables:

January 16

Weight: 161 lbs.

February 15

Weight: 152 lbs.

Total loss: 9 lbs.




I think the back photos are the most telling of the transformation. I know I added muscle in the process as well as my arms and shoulders are more defined. My stomach is as well so I want to keep working on these areas.

photo (14)

As I type this, there is no way I could lift my arms like that and flex my biceps. I competed in my first CrossFit competition this past Sunday and am now experiencing swelling at the base (or head) of the bicep. I’ve known about Rhabdo, a very serious condition where your skeletal muscle breaks down and releases hemoglobin into your blood stream. Your kidneys have trouble processing the hemoglobin resulting in kidney failure.

You'll see the swelling on the left side of my arm.

You’ll see the swelling on the left side of my arm.

I have been staying hydrated and have been using my SKINS Compression Sleeves all day to help reduce the swelling. My urine color has been fine but I’m keeping an eye on it as this is the true test of whether or not I have something more serious going on. I’m not able to lock out my arms, not even close. I got a massage yesterday morning but I honestly don’t think it helped at all.

What hurt me the most during the 3 WODs were my legs, not my arms. I barely got through the last WOD when we did front squats. My quads are pretty sore but my hamstrings, calves and back are fine, go figure.

Despite how I feel right now, I can’t wait for my next CrossFit competition. Once more pictures are posted, I will write another post about the day as it was a great one.

Up next this week is the Sunrunners 10k Sunday! Hopefully I’ll be moving properly by then!


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