Water?! Seriously.

February has turned into quite a busy month! Last weekend was the Melbourne Music Marathon Weekend Expo Friday and Saturday. This week was focused on the business and running (more on that below). Next week is the start of the buildout of the retail store and my first CrossFit Competition on Sunday followed up by a Women’s Golf Day event in Jupiter hosted by the South FL PGA Section on the following Saturday (my friend is organizing it!) and finally the Sunrunners 10k on Sunday! Whew thats a lot but all great things!

NEW Women's Golf Day Flyer


I managed to get in three runs, 1 CrossFit WOD and a game of kickball in this week.

Monday: Massage!

Tuesday: CrossFit WOD

10×1 Hang Clean shrug and hang clean with squat

PR’ed at 115 lbs!

7X1 Split jerk

5X2 back squat

2-750 meters on the rower for time

Wednesday: wrist and hand were very sore from the bad rep on a clean so no more CrossFit this week to let it heal for next weekend.

Run in the Indian River Aquatic Preserve (love this new trail Vero!)

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 12.11.54 PM


Thursday: rest day, lots of work to do (see A Letter to Myself)

Friday: Bridges Loop run and Kickball Game-We lost 😦


Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 12.12.13 PM



I felt very strong on this loop even though I don’t believe my pace truly shows it. Obviously I had to slow down going up the bridges but really I felt faster on the flats, but whatever it was a solid run. Even saw dolphins from the top of the bridge 🙂


Saturday: Rest Day

Put together an exercise bike with my dad for 2 hours. He better use the damn thing! I’m publicly holding you accountable now!

Sunday: Island Run



Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 12.12.46 PM

Yes, the top picture is Memphis with one of my socks in his mouth before bed time last night. He LOVES to carry my socks around with him, dirty, clean, doesn’t matter! In fact, as I write this, I’m out on my back porch and there are two different socks laying around me! Such a sock stealer!

Today’s run was kinda rough. My legs felt heavier, probably still feeling Friday’s run but I powered on and actually had a better pace than I expected, go figure!

With regards to last week’s post, Would You Like a Margarita with that Salt? I did an experiment to see what could possibly be causing my stomach to cramp during runs.

Drum roll please…..


During last Sunday’s run and Tuesday’s run, I took some water after each mile and inevitably my stomach cramped which is why I had to cut Tuesday’s run short. Friday and this morning, I didn’t carry any water with me and guess what, no cramping! I don’t get it, my body is just so strange sometimes.

All in all it was a solid week and I plan to keep upping the mileage as I have some goals I want to achieve (more on that in my next post).

Have a great weekend everyone!




    • Im wondering if I was drinking too much. When I had the water, I was drinking after every mile which I really don’t need. Kinda like “if its there, I’ll use it”. I have tried Nuun while running but the carbonation didn’t sit well. When I do tris, I use hydration mixes on the bike but have always stuck with water on the run. Guess I’m sensitive!

  1. Also, Ernie is ALWAYS stealing my socks and running around with them in his mouth! I find them in the back yard, under chairs, etc. He even likes to steal them out of my suitcases when I am packing! And LOVES it when I chase him around trying to get them back!

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