A Letter to Myself

I’m writing this post to myself but I hope you find meaning in it as well.

“When you first started to think about doing a triathlon, you felt overwhelmed, confused but excited all rolled into one. You knew there were three sports to string together and complete but you soon learned that there was much more than three sports. There was the pre-race nutrition to figure out, the transition spot to organize, transition 1 and 2 to get through, and recovery measures to take.

And that was only race day! You researched, talked to people, and contemplated a training schedule. You went for your first true open water swim on a windy day near Sebastian Inlet where you fought the current the whole way and came ashore out of breath and tired, thinking ‘I have to do that in a race and then bike and run afterwards?!’ Leaving the beach that day, I was excited for a new challenge despite the sore shoulders.

Lost and Confused Signpost

Before you even toed the line at your first triathlon, Dad’s Day Tri, and before you knew what a tri top was or what kind of bike to get, you signed up for Team in Training-The Nation’s Triathlon in Washington, D.C. You knew you needed to fundraise money to get there, buy a real bike, train a lot but you didn’t know that you would become the 11th highest fundraiser for the entire event, would qualify for Age Group Nationals, understand how a training plan works and start a blog which continues on where you have met people and learned about the sport of triathlon and your love for it.


I make you remind yourself just how confusing all of this was, how the myriad of choices with regards to products, races, and advice was overwhelming, how you felt concerned you weren’t going to raise enough money or be able to finish the triathlon. I remind you because it all worked out just like it will now.

You have started your own business and feel overwhelmed by being pulled in different directions but you are also loving the independence, creativity and individuality it affords you. You have always figured “it” out, no matter what “it” is. Once you got more into the sport of triathlon, you knew exactly how to pack for a race day, how to shave seconds off of your transition times, and even became a source for others looking to get into the sport.

This time will come as well for your business, you will learn how to do things more efficiently, you will understand better where to spend your money and you will be able to do it all. Have faith in yourself; you’ve never let yourself down before.”

As you may know, I am an independent, small business owner, trying to make it in the e-commerce and retail industries. It is my love of sport which drives me to make it easier on others to learn, shop, and do. I felt the need to write this letter to myself and to share it publicly because I have been feeling overwhelmed with the amount of tasks needing to be accomplished while still being creative and energetic. I hope you will find a personally meaning of your own in my letter and find comfort in the fact that although things may seem crazy and disorganized, there will be moments of calm and clarity.

Just like in triathlon, the first phase of training or your base phase, is all about mid-level heart rates, slow increases in mileage and speed and gaining strength. I’m in my base phase of my business which although is the first phase, it is the most important phase as it could make or break you come race day. I don’t know when that “race day” will be for my business but I know I’ve got several more phases to go and I’m going to enjoy the ride.

just one step



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