5 times at CrossFit. What?!

Below is this past week’s training log. Less than 1 week out from the Melbourne Music Marathon Weekend!



5 (killer) rounds of

6 hang cleans-85 lbs.

4 push press or clean and jerks

30 calorie row or ride on Airdyne bike

Averaged around 2:40 or so per round

Airdyne almost took it out of me on the 3rd round


Trail run of 2.8 miles


max snatch plus 3 snatch squats- maxed out at 80 lbs. even though I snatched the bar over my head 4 times at 85 lbs. just couldn’t hold it 😦

3×4 (really needed this drill so I’m not jumping when I snatch) flat footed snatch high pull at 65 lbs.

3 rounds of 10 handstand push ups (with bands) and 10 toes to bars. Working hard on the toes to bars and will try to work on them after every WOD


Front Squat

1×5 at 85

1×3 at 95

2×3 at 105

3×1 at 110 (New PR at 110 lbs. on my front squat!)


3 rounds for time:

3 muscle ups (modified)

15 kettlebell swings at 35 lbs.

150 single jump ropes

Time: 7:56



Three rounds for time of –
800 m run
20 wall balls 20/14
10 burpees

Time: 18:04

This was a great WOD and really tested your endurance. I came in second overall and finished literally 2 seconds behind the first guy. My running felt strong, still need to work on strengthening my wall balls.

After the WOD I worked on my 1st quarter goal of clean and jerking 130 lbs. I made it to 110 lbs. but my body was pretty drained from the WOD. For some reason I was not fully squatting underneath it while cleaning which means I can do more weight if I drop and squat.


KICKBALL! We won our first game of the season with a very lopsided score 🙂



Looks like I have some habits when I play kickball! Look at my right hand, it was like that in all of the pictures!



5 x 3 push press, made it to 85 lbs.

For time –
1500 m row
100 push-ups (chest to deck)
10 Power snatch at 65 lbs.

This was a tough WOD. You try to save your legs and arms during the row but then you have the push ups and by the time you reach the power snatch, it gets real ugly! Don’t remember my time but I was happy with it.


Rest Day!

This is the first time EVER I have been able to go to CrossFit 5 days in a week, let alone 4 days in a row! This is not a push for any of the products I carry at my business, but I have been taking Extreme Endurance in the morning and evening and honestly, my recovery has improved dramatically. Thats all I’ll say because I would say it if I wasn’t carrying it as well!

I got in a very solid week of training and am happy with the results thus far regarding our Paleo Challenge. I have not slipped up once (knock on wood) and have enjoyed the feeling of my clothes fitting better and not seeing puffiness. I wore a shirt today which was too tight just 2 weeks ago. Its amazing the amount of puffiness and water retention wheat and processed foods can generate.

This Wednesday, I will post pictures similar to the ones I posted at the beginning of the challenge as I would like to create a somewhat “time lapse” effect.

How are your New Years resolutions coming or goals in general? My aunt and her husband are doing well by eliminating snacks, cutting portion sizes and walking on the treadmill. Remember, nothing is going to happen over night, just stick with it and seek out friends and family for motivation!

Have a great week!

just one step


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