Here we go again…

Another Paleo challenge except this time it will be different. I will make it all 30 days without a cheat meal, snack or drink. Last time I did a CrossFit Paleo challenge was in August and of course, it happened to end the day after my birthday. Needless to say I cut the challenge short and ultimately, missed out on winning the challenge by a short amount (I see a pattern here).

We officially started the challenge yesterday. This time around, I am keeping a food log on our CrossFit’s message board and took before pictures and my weight. I am not proud nor happy with where I am currently but I do know that I allowed myself (ample) slack due to moving, starting a business and the holidays. This slack has resulted in loss of muscle, definition and added weight. I know I will start to see results soon, my stomach already feels better, there’s no grumbling and rumbling going on from gas and general discomfort. Its amazing how the body responds to what we put in it.

So here is a review of the challenge for those of you new to Paleo:

  • Eat-vegetables, lean meats, seafood, eggs, nuts (moderation), fruit (moderation)
  • Do not eat-sugar, processed foods, wheat, grains, soy, starches (potatoes), dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt), alcohol

This document was provided to us and outlines nicely the things to eat and drink and vise versa.

There is a pot of money and a free month’s membership at stake for this challenge plus of course feeling and looking better so I’m really going to put my all into this.

So here we go, below are my “before” pictures, taken this past Wednesday, January 16


Weight: 161 lbs.

I will also start to keep my workout details for the week like I used to do when training for a triathlon. I put this info out there to show a number of things:

1. Your body is in constant change and you need to do these to get back on track (such as posting pictures publicly)

2. Even though I work in the health and sports field, I’m not the best at keeping my body at tip top shape though I am constantly working on this

3. The change you will see in just 30 days can be remarkable. Imagine what you could if you kept it up for 60, 90, 120 days! Maybe there’s a “new” challenge in there

4. Public accountability is a great motivator to by pass the Dunkin’ Donuts

My personal goals this year include keeping my body healthy not just reaching a certain point and then allowing myself to backslide. I may even strive for adding some actual abs you can see! I may not be able to train and race in triathlon until later this year so this is my new “race” to complete and it is certainly ironman worthy. Another goal, which I publicly posted at our box is to clean and jerk 130 lbs. which is about 20 lbs heavier than my last PR so I’ve got two worthy goals to accomplish for the beginning of the year.

So instead of raising my glass of Dos Equis with the Most Interesting Man Alive, I will salute you with my glass of almond milk…



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