Back in Action

Ahh the life of an entrepreneur: wake up when you want, finish work when you want, work from where you want. This is what I have been doing since December 1 and am absolutely loving it. Thats not to say though that I haven’t had some tossing and turning at night thinking about things or wondering if my site is just going to crash suddenly but I’m getting used to those crazy thoughts.

With this flexibility comes flexibility with training or so I thought. Some how, I’m still working out after 5:30 most days and haven’t been able to wake up for a morning workout in over a month. What’s the deal? When I wake up, I want to tackle my to do list and yes, I have been sleeping a little later than I used to because I know that once I open the retail store, my schedule is going to shift again so I’m taking advantage. By taking advantage though, I feel like its too late to start a workout outside, its still so humid here in South Florida, even in January!

I’m finally back running regularly and am looking forward to participating in a 5k this weekend, my first as a race sponsor! I’m also back at CrossFit though not as regularly as I should be so this week’s goal is to get consistent with my training: CrossFit today, run tomorrow, and alternate thereafter.

At our box, we have a large chalk board where we are setting goals for the first quarter of the year. I’ve decided to shoot for a new PR on my clean and jerk of 130 lbs. Right now, my max is around 100-110 lbs. Better start training!

Tonight we had some un-timed box jumps and I had a breakthrough thanks to one of the coaches and my future partner at an upcoming CF competition. I have learned how to jump higher and land softer which although I’ve seen lots of people do, I didn’t think I was really capable of doing. I’m pretty pumped right now as I definitely see this as an unofficial goal of mine.

As for triathlon training, I’m not there right now but as things start to shake out with the business, I’m hoping to get in some later season races.

If you’re at the Melbourne Beaches Music Marathon the first weekend in February, come say hi as we are an expo vendor (yes our first big expo event!) I’m also supposed to be running the half marathon so I better get my butt in gear!

Thank you for the nice posts from my last blog. I hope you’ll check us out at as I am always adding new products and love to hear feedback: the good, the bad and the ugly! Also, if you are interested in blogging for us or being a part of our Age Group athlete interview series, just shoot me an email at

Happy New Year and happy trails!



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