Jacksonville to Vero Beach

Memphis on the move, weaving through boxes

I apologize for being absent but I have been super busy! Between leaving my full time job, Thanksgiving, working on my business KickStart Endurance and packing up my current place, things have been crazy! I wanted to provide just a quick update so here we go!

Last Monday, November 19, was my last day at work. Several co-workers and friends met up at local bar where I had my first drink as an entrepreneur prior to everyone else arriving.

Woodchuck Apple Cider

Thats what freedom tastes like!

It was a great way to end my last day as a member of the corporate world and I thank everyone who came out to wish me well.

Besides celebrating, I’ve been getting some workouts in but my left foot has been giving me a lot of trouble recently. I believe it is tendonitis so I rested it for the past two weeks and tried a 3 mile run yesterday but the pain came right back. I didn’t do the St. Augustine 10k nor the Subaru Half Marathon on Thanksgiving so I could rest it for Ragnar in January but after yesterday’s run, I had to make the sad decision to pull out of Ragnar. I am super bummed out about it as it is going to be so much fun for the team but I know that its the best decision as I need to get my foot healthy and continue to focus on the business.

So instead of running on Thanksgiving morning, this is what I was doing

New bedroom painted in “Anonymous” from the Behr Premium Paint Line

Painting! The photo shows a little dark but I painted my bedroom at my new place in a shade of grey which will go well with my white bed frame and blue comforter.

Obie and Memphis came with me to help out but Obie had other plans

Obie in his nest of drop cloths

Of course, we ate plenty and watched lots of football but Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without some Black Friday shopping at the outlets! Our outlets now have a Restoration Hardware store which is completely awesome. We bought the first piece of furniture for the new store!

Restoration Hardware 8 locker drawer cabinet

This week I’m still in Jacksonville but am making the big move south Saturday. I have been busy alternating my time between packing up the townhouse and ordering product and updating the website for KSE. I’ve also gotten in a couple of WODs at CrossFit and even hit a PR on my back squat the other day at 135 lbs. which I got in two reps of so maybe I could even go another 5 or 10 lbs. on.

Moving takes a lot of work and energy so I’ll be happy when its all over. Here’s what I’m looking at right now as I write this post.

Memphis on the move, weaving through boxes

Boxes galore!

Next week is when I’ll be able to start to really look at retail spaces for the new store in Vero Beach and to get some other major necessities done so we can start to sell product on the website. Lots of great things are happening right now and I’ve never been more excited to work!

If I could ask a small favor of my blog readers, if you would be so kind as to tell your friends, family, and training partners about KickStart Endurance, it would be greatly appreciated! Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest

We’re going to have a ton of great endurance sport nutrition and accessories to help you train at your best. We’ll even have items for your four legged training partners!

Until next time….get outside and do something active!





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