Running with Pictures

17 days until my 3rd half marathon. I’m feeling strong going into this race but want to make sure I keep healthy while still putting in another long run. I truly enjoyed my 10 miler yesterday. I held a 9:00/mile pace and was able to take in a packet of Clif Shot Bloks in Strawberry without any trouble. The run started around 9 am (new time) so the sun was already higher than normal. Towards the end, it definitely started to get toasty but as long as I took water in my body seemed to respond well.

The run was made more enjoyable by the picture taking along the route. Ready for 10 miles?! Here we go!

Route around Vero Beach

Start of the run. Along Beachland Blvd in Vero Beach

Mile 1- 9:14

End of mile 1. Boardwalk along the Atlantic

Mile 2- 8:48

Mile 2-Headed towards the intracoastal

Mile 3- 9:05

Mile 3-View from the top of bridge 1

Mile 4- 8:53

Mile 4-Passing Mr. Manatees on Royal Palm

Quick pit stop to get water, eat a chomp and take a quick pic. Bridge in the picture is where I’m headed.

View from the fountains of Royal Palm Point. Indian River Intercoastal Waterway

Mile 5-9:03

Mile 5-Someone to chase along Indian River Blvd.

Mile 6- 8:58

Mile 6- Headed up Alma Lee Loy Bridge. Bridge #2

Mile 7- 8:53

Mile 7- Change of scenery. Dirt road and tree canopies

Mile 8- 9:04

Mile 8- Passed by my former elementary school, St. Edward’s Lower School. This building will soon be tore down after being a country club and school for many decades.

Mile 9- 8:52

Mile 9- Headed towards the shops and restaurants of Ocean Drive

Mile 10- 9:00

Mile 10- End of the road. Back on Beachland Blvd.

So how did you feel? Was it a good run? Thanks for following along…maybe I’m onto something with these photo run journals.



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