Halloween WOD-ing

Sorry this is a little later than I expected considering Halloween was on Wednesday but better late than never right?!

Just about everyone from the box was dressed in their finest costume to workout in on Wednesday. I made it to the 6:30 class and was greeted by the 5:30 class in all of their womanly glory.

The girls are ready to WOD

How great is that picture!?

Despite the costumes, the WOD was a tough one and many people were on their knees and hands gasping for air. When you enter the box for your workout, its always a bad worrisome sign when you see this as you know you’re in for something special.

Before the final Halloween class of the day we did a group shot which I think is a classic picture of the people I workout with. Pretty awesome.

CF Total Control

Of course, before we got the workout started I had to take a picture with my fellow 80’s girls.

Lianne, Kim and I love the 80’s

Halloween WOD

200 Run
31 Ring Pushups
31 KB Swings w/ 35 lbs
400M Run
31 Situps
31 Ball Slams w/ 20 lbs
200M Run
31 Overhead plate lunges 25 lbs
31 Burpees

Total Time: 15:07

Who’s ready to sweat?!

Jane Fonda likes kettle bell swings

Have to tone those legs!

Needless to say, it was a great Halloween and even better workout because seriously, who doesn’t like to wear tights and a belt to workout in?!

Finally, here’s just a great Halloween image to top things off….





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