Finding my Stride

Now that the weather has turned, so has my running. With the cooler weather, I seem to have found my stride again (knock on wood). Every time it gets cool, it reminds me of how much better, further and faster I run. Its amazing!

This past Sunday I ran with my friend Nick who was doing his last Sunday run before Ironman Florida! How awesome is that?! This was the second time we ran together and this time was better for me as I wasn’t coming off of a long run the day before. We started out at about a 9:15/mile base and gradually sped up to about 8:50/mile until we split at the 6 mile mark. He wanted to run ahead a bit and then try to catch me on the way back. For the remaining three miles, Nick told me to put the afterburners on so thats what I did!

I ran a 25 minute 5k at the end. The entire time I imagined Nick was slowly gaining on me which kept my pace up. My legs felt strong and my breathing was good. I was even able to take in a Hammer Gel with 1.5 miles left without any stomach issues. The last mile was at 8:20/mile and needless to say, this was my strongest long run since last season.

Having Nick there in the early miles really helped as it got me going at a faster pace earlier on. We’re both running the Subaru Half Marathon here in Jacksonville on Thanksgiving morning but he’s aiming for 1:38 or so which is too fast for me to run with him! I would love to be around 1:50 which is an 8:20/mile pace. We’ll see if that happens!

I took a rest day Monday and cleaned up around the house.

Summary 00:43:56 5.2 mi 08:29
Split Time Distance Pace (avg)
1 00:08:48 1.0 mi 09:15
2 00:08:20 1.0 mi 08:32
3 00:08:31 1.0 mi 08:44
4 00:08:24 1.0 mi 08:45
5 00:08:13 1.0 mi 08:25
6 00:01:40 0.2 mi 08:04

Yesterday, Tuesday, I put on long compression tights and even a jacket for a run after work. I did a loop south to PVB and then passed my car for another 2 miles for a total of 5 miles. This was a really strong run and I knew just like on Sunday that I had more left in the tank which is a good sign. The major difference between running now and running a month ago is that a month ago, I couldn’t wait to finish and had nothing for the most part left once I finished whatever mileage I had set in my head. Also, my stomach is so much calmer (again, knock on wood). I still sweat but nothing like in the summer but I do release a lot of salt regardless.

Salt Streams

Besides the cooler weather, I have another secret weapon for running faster…..

Mini Cupcakes!

Mini cupcakes of course! One of my co-workers brought them in and I had to confirm that three of them were safe to consume. Clearly they helped my running so why not! Mind you, this was pre-Halloween. We had cookies and candy available to us all day today at the office which I also partook in. Again, needed to test the chocolate out.

I’m home now from our Halloween costume WOD at Total Control CrossFit. There will be another post coming once our coach posts the pictures. Let’s just say, everyone was in a festive spirit!

Finally, not just us humans need to have jackets and blankets to stay warm here in Florida but apparently….

Memphis all bundled up

so do Schnoodles!

I hope all my friends and family up North are safe and sound during these trying times with Hurricane Sandy just having passed through.






  1. Impressive, Jaclyn. You keep improving.

    You are welcome to join us in Hilton Head forThanksgiving and spend the weekend. Keith, Mike and the two girls will be there along with Joe and me. Don’t worry about it if you have plans.You could drive up after the race and the feast will be about 6PM. We will be staying there the Sunday before Thanksgiving to the Monday afterwards.

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