Fall Running

Now that triathlon season is over, for me at least, I’m focusing on running and CrossFit. I’m trying hard to work on my running technique-landing on my mid-foot, keeping my shoulders loose, and swinging my arms forward, not across my body. I think I’m getting closer but since there are no mirrors (thankfully) outside when I run, I will need someone to video tape me.

Good Form Running

Since its been so hot and humid here in Florida recently, Memphis hasn’t been able to join me on any runs but yesterday the weather started to turn and the humidity is dropping throughout today along with the temperature. The trick with running with Memphis is to be in a squirrel-free zone and to get him to mark before he starts to run.

Speaking of humidity, I did a run of just under 3 miles the other day in South Florida and came back dripping! Seriously, I didn’t stop sweating even after my shower for about 2 hours. If you run, you know what I’m talking about, if you don’t, sorry for the personal info 🙂

Sweat Much

Since it is now October and I have the Ragnar Relay Florida event coming up the first week in January, I have set my sights on two races to supplement my Ragnar training. The first will be new to me, a 12k trail run at Guana Preserve. Guana Preserve is south of Ponte Vedra and north of St. Augustine. I cycle by it a lot during triathlon season and use the beach access there with Memphis as it is dog friendly. It is a really pretty area but I have never been on the trails so I’m excited to see how I do on uneven surfaces at a new distance. Check out the Guana River Trail 50k and 12k

The second race I will be doing is a half marathon on Turkey Day! I’ve always wanted to do a Thanksgiving Day race but last year I spent Thanksgiving in airports and airplanes trying to get to Pennsylvania for my cousin’s wedding and the year before that I was in Las Vegas in about 28 degree weather attempting to play golf. As my dad will tell you, I was a big wuss and only lasted 9 holes and that was only because I had about 5 hand warmers going and 4 layers piled on.

The Suburu Distance Classic is a tradition here in Jacksonville so I’m eager to try it out for myself. Post race will be a glorious meal of all you can eat turkey, fixings and desserts! Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving!

Just to finish out the post, here is a picture of Memphis after his trip to South Florida. Its exactly how I feel after Thanksgiving!

Post 3 hour car ride and a weekend of playing and eating


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