Welcome to the gun show

I know the title is cheesy and conjures up images of sleazy men in shirts that are too tight, trying to impress the ladies at the bar with their “guns” but honestly it fits because some of us from CrossFit Total Control went to the gun range this past Saturday.

Activities such as these typically start on our Facebook page with someone posting a crazy idea, in this case, a trip to the gun range to get ready for a supposed hunting trip (who knows if the guys are actually planning a trip). So Saturday afternoon we caravanned west to Gateway Rifle and Pistol Club, sat through a 20 minute introductory video and set off towards the pistol range.

The club is large with several different ranges for different types of guns: pistols, rifles, and private members. I am familiar with guns and have a heavy respect for them and for having those around me understand and learn about using guns properly as well. Lucky for our group, Alicia and Dave really know their stuff and provided us some great toys to shoot with. I enjoyed the handguns rather than the rifles as I was too short for the bench and table the rifle was sitting on! I had to hold myself up there with my legs and needless to say, that can only last for so long.

After shooting and waiting for the guys to finish, we had some fun taking pictures.



It was a great day at the range and it was fun to get to know some of members of CFTC.

Of course, a weekend wouldn’t be complete without a WOD! Alicia and I met for open gym Sunday morning and we made up our own workout. I did several sets of Clean and Jerks and maxed out at 110lbs. A new PR for my time at CrossFit but I’m pretty sure I lifted more in high school so more goals to aim for 🙂

After the clean and jerks, Alicia and I did three rounds of 10 box jumps, 10 GHD sit ups and a 400 meter run. What made this WOD even more fun is that Memphis joined me! He had a great time sniffing everything, getting scratched by everyone and hanging out watching the workout.

Check out Alicia’s CrossFit blog!


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