I don’t run fast or maybe I do?

Back at it tonight at the CrossFit box. I took two days off after the HOT Sprint Triathlon and was glad to see a WOD posted for today that included running. I made it to the 5:30 pm class which only had about 9 or 10 people in it which honestly was nice.

We warmed up with a 400 meter run around the block followed by lunges and stretching. My mind however was focused on the 1 mile time trial we had coming before the AMRAP WOD.

4 laps for 1600 meters or 1 mile. I told myself not to take off too fast I know I can’t sustain a sprint but rather wanted to focus on quick feet turnover and shorter strides which is the running technique I have when I come off the bike in a triathlon and always have better running times off the bike.

I stayed with one of the guys for about a lap but then he was able to push ahead. I was alone for the next three laps, passing our coach Russell each lap with time updates. Each time he told me where we were at I knew I had a good pace going but was waiting for my body to say “Enough! This is ridiculous!” but the message never really came so I kept at it.

In the last 50 meters I tried my hardest to kick and Russell called out “6:52” as I passed him. I huffed said “What? No (breath) way. (Breath) thats not (gasp) possible.”  His reply “Well, its not an official track but it is 400 meters around”. I couldn’t believe it. My fastest mile has been 7:47 and that was after a training ride last Summer.

As I entered the gym to get ready for our WOD I still didn’t believe it. While I have been doing triathlons for almost 2 years and truly began running after college, anyone who knows me from my grade school and high school days knows that I’m no sprinter or quick mile runner. I guess I should change my mentality towards my speed as maybe it has been hidden all along. Go figure.

Today’s WOD:

15 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

8 pistols – one legged squat aided by a band hanging from a bar you hold onto as you go into a squat and keep your heel on the ground

10 push ups – I did these on my knees. They definitely got to me. I could barely lift my arms after the WOD

2 dead lifts – weight: 155 lbs.

Total Rounds: 9

I’m in the middle column on the bottom

This was a great WOD today especially as an overall body workout. I learned to focus my mind on the task at hand and not let outside distractions in as mentally I was not quite focused when I entered the box. I left feeling nicely exhausted and mentally calmer.

However, just to satisfy my Type A triathlete personality, I drove the block and clocked the mileage. While the car does not provide specifics (only in .10 increments), going around the block did result in around .25 miles so I am now satisfied to know that my time was not a distance fluke but rather pretty accurate. I thought I was going to hate doing “laps” but I actually liked them. Guess I’m learning lots of new things today!

Tomorrow’s WOD looks good as well.

Sled Push 10 x 25 m (think of football players who push the metal sled but instead of a foam “player” we put weights on it and create sparks on the cement!

Main Set-3 Rounds:

8 Wall Balls – Squat with a 15 lb med ball and as you come out of the squat you throw the ball upwards against the wall, to a sticker marking your target.

9 Box Jumps – 20″ box

10 Push Press – raise the bar from your shoulders (in front of you) up and over your head

Hopefully the 24 hour recovery time is enough to really make a good time on tomorrow’s WOD. Guess we’ll see!



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