Lessons Learned: Dog Sitting 101

I’ve been thinking about what I was going to blog about next as some readers wanted to hear about the dogvacay.com experience I had this past weekend (and boy was it an experience!) but since it wasn’t the best experience, I have been unsure as to what I wanted to write about. I’ve decided to just provide you the lessons I learned so hopefully things go smoother next time around.

Lessons Learned:

1. Have the dog and owner meet you at your house if the pet is staying with you in the house (we met in a park and the dynamic is different)

2. Make sure the owner is as honest as possible with you about the dog. Ask questions such as:

Does the dog bark if they are left along?  Is he possessive over toys, bowls, etc.   Do they like to be in your lap the entire time?  How have you trained the dog?

3. If the dog has special food, make sure the owner tells you this so there is no food swapping going on.

4. Ask if they can bring a non-retractable leash with them.

5. Ask them to have a back up dog sitter or boarding facility available in case things do not workout

So with all the dog sitting, I made it to the Saturday and Labor Day WODs but there was no swim, bike, run happening 😦

The dogvacay.com website is well organized, easy to use, etc. I have learned to be more selective with the dogs I will dog sit for the future and have updated my profile to reflect this. I certainly learned a lot this weekend and hope the next doggy from dogvacay.com works out better.

In other news, there has been a lot of things going on outside of the triathlon world so its been hard to settle down and train let alone sit down and write about my training or lack thereof. Its been sporadic this last week and a half for various reasons: bad weather, three dogs for four days, holiday celebrations, etc.

We are 1.5 weeks from my last sprint triathlon of the season (Hammerhead Sprint and Olympic Triathlon) but I’m no where closer to deciding on the Rev3 Florida race at the end of October. I want to put my all into training and completing a half iron distance race and unfortunately that just hasn’t been the case. This Saturday I am holding a mini-triathlon for my two friends who are doing their first tri next weekend. It should be fun to see their progress and have them go through T1 and T2 🙂






    • Since it was the holiday weekend, I had about 8 requests for dog sitting. One included an 11 year old dog that had just been rescued from death row and had a skin disease and the owner was leaving to go to Chicago for the long weekend. I’m all for rescues but people need to really consider their lifestyle before hand.

      Hard to say no to a boss but I can’t imagine what you had to go through for that weekend. Thanks for reading!

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