This is a great blog for anyone looking into CrossFit especially runners who are notorious to sticking to only what they know…running

Inside the Box

There are runners who will never go near a CrossFit gym. However, I’m convinced there are a number of runners in the world who, like me, have either become so bogged down with injuries or so annoyed with long periods of no improvement that the idea of shaking things up becomes very appealing. I doubt there are few runners out there more stubborn than I was about making a change. After my foray into the CrossFit world that allowed me to become healthy and fit again, to rid myself of what seemed to be a permanent limp and to be able to run—I looked back and realized that I’d spent the better part of the last 14 years mired in some overuse injury from running. And part of the price I paid for being on the sidelines so much was weight gain, poor overall health and the low-grade depression that…

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