Dogs Need R&R Too!

I recently discovered A website that connects dog and cat owners with one another for purposes of boarding, house/pet sitting, grooming and other doggy related services. I now offer dog boarding at my home with Memphis! We can also travel to someone else’s home, preferably a large mansion on the beach to dog sit in the comfort of the dog owners home.

So if you live in the Jacksonville area and need a place for your dog to stay while you go out of town or will be visiting the Jacksonville area and want to bring your pooch but your hotel doesn’t allow them, look me up at my profile: Dogs Need R&R Too! 

Some of the excellent amenities your dog can enjoy are:

  • Frolicking on the beach with Memphis
  • Car rides
  • Splash time in the kiddie pool
  • Couch surfing
  • Walks in the park
  • Squirrel hunting
  • Lots of belly rubs and petting
  • Sleeping in a human bed
  • And if they love to run, they can join me on training runs!

Come hang with Memphis and me!



  1. That is AWESOME!! I so wish I lived near you because we travel ALL the time and wish we had a setup like this for Walter & Ernie. I think they would get along with Memphis perfectly (I mean, he and Walter ARE basically twins :)) Good luck with this! And take pictures of all of your house guests 🙂

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