Mission Accomplished: Paleo 30 Day Challenge

The 30 Day Paleo Challenge is officially over! Woohoo! Although I did have my cheat moments, I stuck to the plan and saw some good, though not outstanding, results. It may have been the cake, tacos, and tequila the night before the weigh in….naw never mind that had nothing to do with it! 😉

Before the benchmark WOD, I weighed in and got my body fat percentage taken again. Remember I am 5’6″ and 27 years old.

July 18 Stats:

152 lbs.

23% body fat

August 15 Stats:

146 lbs. = -8 lbs.

21% body fat = -2%

When I saw the results, I wasn’t entirely happy to be honest because I saw a quick drop in weight at the beginning of the challenge but then I plateaued somewhat. I hope its because I was burning fat and adding muscle. The goal is after all not to have a specific number on the scale but to have your clothes fit better, your body to move faster, and for you to feel better in general. All three of those things have occurred so I really should not be complaining.

As we did our warm ups, I was chatting with Jason who is usually in the 6 am class and he asked how the challenge went. He seemed impressed by my numbers and gave some really good, positive reinforcement that helped me heading into the WOD.

Re-test of the Paleo Challenge WOD:

500 meter row

15 squat cleans at 65 lbs.

15 box jumps to 20″ box

20 kettle bells swings at 25 lbs.

15 ground to overheads (get the bar from the ground, up over your head using different techniques) 65 lbs.

15 box jumps

20 kettle bell swings

400 yard run

Phew I’m tired just writing that! I got through the rowing much faster than I have ever previously but did start to lose some concentration when I began thinking about the rest of the workout and as a result slowed down somewhat.

Once I started the squat cleans, my stomach decided to turn on me through the rest of the workout. I told myself that I could not leave my workout area because otherwise I would throw up and therefore not complete the WOD and the benchmarking process. I pushed myself harder than I have pushed in a WOD so far and it paid off. I was behind some of the other people in the first wave but slowly made ground up and was the first out the door for the run and the first back in. It was nice to be first in a WOD with significant weight to work out with.

WOD Benchmark results

July 18 Total Time: 16:58                                   August 15 Total Time: 13:47   Personal Record!

I shaved 3 minutes off of my time which made me feel better about my overall progress within the 30 day challenge. This workout is a good benchmark so I think I will try to replicate it once a month during our open gyms to see where I stand.

There are a couple of us doing a push up challenge now that started yesterday. CrossFit pushups are slightly different in that you go all the way to the ground and once you are on the ground you lift your hands slightly and then put them back down to start the upward motion.

We did a benchmark test to see how long 60 pushups takes to complete. It took me 3 minutes and 3 seconds. Now each day we will start with 2 push ups today and add 2 more each day so that we reach the 60 pushup mark in 30 days where we will retest the time. Should be a good one!

Thanks for reading and if you would, check out my post from earlier today and tell me how you celebrate your birthday!


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  1. Your results are Grrrrrerrreat! I can see from your photos that you definitely gaining muscle and toning. We are so hard on ourselves.

    I celebrate my birthday by going to Hawaii in January which is when my birthday is. I get to talk to my sons and my two grand daughters.

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